The Glow Up- Offer is On the Table

The Glow Up Short storyThe Glow Up- Offer is On the Table

The definition of ‘glow up’ is to go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation. A chance for the not so popular/cool individual to become that nigga.

She was moving swiftly as her frumpy dress hung loosely from Adrienne’s frame. Her hair was in a professional bun as her bifocals sat on her face promptly like always. Her eyes swept the office quickly as she moved. She enjoyed watching her surroundings and could now pinpoint who was in the office at all ties.  She held her file folders closely to her chest maneuvering through the law office without much attention on her. She walked with her head down to avoid eye contact from the stylish women that laughed at her when they thought she couldn’t hear them and from the fine ass attorneys that were outspoken and very direct. Adrienne just wanted to drop the files that she researched to the secretary before anyone else could get theirs in. That was her pride; she was one of the best researchers for the firm and she was almost finished with her last year of law school. She had all the right grades, she was a shoe in for the attorney office, and she was damn good at her job. She practiced prosecuting in her mirror in her underwear with her hair brush gripped into her regular boring finger nails with no polish. She perfected her tone, her intensity, and this was the only time she asserted herself. The morning hosted many employees, their briefcases, and their coffees. They were speed walking to meetings and being obnoxious like they always were. But just as she was about to turn the corner to make her way to her secretary, her boss Adrian Bryant, collided into her making her drop the files in her hand.

“Shoot!” She mumbled as she dropped to her knees to retrieve the files. She didn’t even look up at the fool who ran into her, but she didn’t have too much longer to wait before finding it out.

“Adrienne, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were coming around the corner! Let me help you.” Adrienne stared up at the 6 foot 7 inches, dark chocolate man with a short cut and bountiful salt and pepper colored beard that was right in front of their face.

“It’s okay Mr. Bryant. I didn’t see you, I wasn’t looking up. I was just trying to submit all of my research for Mrs. May’s latest case. I’m so sorry.” Adrienne apologized quickly.

“No, you are perfectly fine. I would like for you to come to my office after you organize your pile and turn in the research.” His tone revealed nothing. He didn’t give any inclination that she was in for a long talk or firing her for bumping into him. Her stomach tightened and she tried to relax. Mr. Bryant could read the terror over her face.

“Between you and I, you will be very much pleased with what we meet about. Don’t stress so much Adrienne. I’ll see you in a second.” Adrienne still couldn’t breathe as his smile mesmerized her in many ways.

“Yes sir.” Adrienne picked up the files off the ground and headed to the secretary’s desk. Usually, she’d stand and converse with the bubbly white girl that always had the gossip in the office. Brooke was the secretary for Adrienne’s supervisor and one of her close friends. When they met, they were totally different women.  They were both shy, both overweight, and both battling self-esteem issues. However, they both said bump that and managed to lose 150 pounds within two years. Brooke, however, took the transformation to the next level transforming herself into a bombshell sugar baby proving men wanted white women who had an extensive sexual appetite and a pussy that was always open for business. They could completely escape the day to day and spoil the woman to keep her satisfied while he is away. Brooke possessed the brains to be more, but enjoyed her time having this amount of fun. She had never gotten the chance to be the “hot” girl that all the men wanted so she enjoyed the reality she created. Adrienne, on the other hand, always focused on her education. She had covered up her body for so many years being a bigger woman that she didn’t know how to uncover the new woman. She hadn’t had sex in two and a half years, was tired of masturbating, and didn’t go enough to find her own man. The pairs friendship never changed; stories became juicier and Adrienne pushed forward trying to make sure she’s hired after school.

“Hey girl! You look rather frumpy today! I thought we talked about this.” Brooke spoke honestly.

“I know. I didn’t get much sleep doing this research.” Adrienne agreed.

The Glow Up short story

“It’s not due until the 10th which is in two days. You do all of her work early as hell and still won’t go out with me. Then you stay up watching reality TV shows, reading, or whatever else while your coochie is NOT being attended to and you hide that sexy body under your grandmother’s clothes.”

“Well, Jesus Brooke aren’t we quite honest this morning?” Adrienne rolled her eyes, but admitted defeat in her social life. She didn’t go anywhere much but she wanted to go everywhere. Her time in law school was winding down by the days and she honestly didn’t want to interrupt the flow of success by always partying and sleeping around.

“Yes. You deserve all the happiness in the world even if it’s with one great guy! You need to travel, have sex, dine out, cook great meals, laugh, have sex, read out by the pool, shop, workout, and have sex!” Both girls looked at each other for a minute then burst into laughter.

“I’ll worry about that after I get out of Mr. Bryant’s office.” Adrienne said in a low voice.

“Oh my goodness! Well, go change your outfit and then go in his office because he’s divorced now and you could use some attention from a distinct older fellow who has a large bank account.” Brooke nudged Adrienne’s arm.

“I don’t have anything. I look work appropriate.” Adrienne stated but knew she looked thrown together like a woman who had lost her way. She looked unorganized even though she was very much so organized, always right, and always early.

“Good luck Adrienne. It’s going to be nothing but great news hopefully. If so, we will celebrate and you must purchase you a new outfit for the evening.” Brooke encouraged.

“Bet.” Adrienne finished her small stop and then headed to the bathroom. She closed herself inside the stall and paced back and forth cursing herself for not slipping on those new size 10 khaki slacks that showed her new slender waist and her wide hips. She was mad that she didn’t bother to add any makeup whatsoever but the man of her dreams asked to speak to her in his room. She was getting fired possibly. Her mind began to speed and race to figure out what this was all about. Although she never made a big deal of anything, she had a backup makeup case in which she added foundation, highlighter, and a nude lip. Her baby hairs were perfectly slicked down and her bun was flawless. She stared in the handheld mirror she owned and she smiled because she knew that her smile was gorgeous. All she had to do was smile and so she finished perfuming and spiffing before walking to the boss’s door.

“Come in.” The voice shattered her insides and she had butterflies. She felt as if she were about to meet the man of her blind date dreams. She felt like she had been invited out to a fancy place by the cutest guy yet she was in the office of a man who could end her career at any moment.

“Welcome Ms. Alford. Please take a seat.” Adrienne stared at his suit that looked tailored just right for his frame and his long brown fingers and clean fingernails. She admired his wide lips.

“Thank you for having me Mr. Bryant.” She sat awkward but attempted to play the role. He read right through it.

“Relax. Call me Adrian, Adrienne.” His cologne grabbed her by the pussy commanding her focus in that office. His tone was not at all business. It was something more. She was confused.

“I’ve been monitoring your work and your work ethic. I know that every Tuesday and some Thursday’s that you do majority of May’s work. They are always accurate, all facts are outlined to be presented, and you are never late. You leave work, you exercise, you eat your prepped meal and then you come back and do it all again. I admire your focus and it has been recognized by the leading partner of this small law firm. I want to offer you an internship exclusively under me, but there are some details we will need to discuss to go any further.” Her back finally hit the back of the chair. He stared at her; not passed her. His eyes were resting on hers intently and neither person blinked for a second.

The Glow Up “Thank you, thank you so much Mr., I mean, Adrian. I can’t believe you’re even saying this to me. I am psyched to hear you extend the offer to me. What exactly does this mean?” She smiled, but hadn’t heard of this position before.

“I would like for you to have a private dinner meeting with me tonight. You have the rest of the day off. I have set up a private car outside the building and it includes a very exclusive spa day. Now, there’s a catch to this. You must leave the office immediately only grabbing your keys, purse, and jacket. You must not speak to your bestfriend Brooke. Must not look back and must keep this entirely between us for this to work. Go ahead and take these two minutes to come up with a decision.” Adrian Bryant had her down to a freaking science. Her heart palpitated and beat faster than it had in a while.

“Are you a murderer? Don’t lie either. I , at least, deserve that much answered.”


She set back and closed her eyes. Was this a trick? Was God throwing out blessings to all the frumpy girls in America? She weighed her options; stay and do more of May’s paper work or leave and probably get the best massage and pedicure ever.

“Is this paid leave?” She questioned and Adrian chuckled.

“Yes, Ms. Alford. It is.” He chuckled again, but this time deep from his gut. She admired his white teeth, his dimples, and his beard. His chest was broad and he was absolutely what every woman wanted. He walked like a boss and talked like one as well. His air was one of class and maturity. He was older and wiser, and worth it… Whatever the hell it was.

“I’ll take the deal. Will I get to go home before our meeting this evening?”

“No. You will have everything you need. I look forward to seeing you this evening.” He smiled at her.

“I’m so confused, but I trust you.” She offered before standing and walking out of his office. She followed his steps to the tee. She didn’t look back until she sat in the back of the limo she was escorted into. Her mind was racing a mile a minute. She wanted to tell the driver to go back and retract her statement. This wasn’t responsible. Was Adrian married? Was he looking for a mistress? What the hell was going on? But she didn’t stop the car. This was the bravest thing she had done she lost all her weight. Adrian was a gorgeous man and she needed some sort of life change. One thing was for damn sure, Adrian knew her movements well. He knew her work schedule, her responses to things, and he seemed to be completely aware of all her capabilities. She sat there with her eyes closed, imagining him standing behind the test reading her and moreover, he recognized her. Quite frankly, she was turned on. A loud ringing noise interrupted her thoughts and she found an IPhone in one of the pockets of the car. She answered the phone.

“Adrienne, it’s Adrian. This phone now belongs to you. I’ll contact you to be collected for this evening. You will have a two-hour deep tissue spa, manicure, pedicure, Brazilian wax, and then you will go for hair and makeup. I’ll see you around 6:30 around Phipps Plaza. We will dine and meet there. Do you agree to this?”


“Privacy is our best friend here.” He responded.

“Are you married?” Adrienne questioned.

“No. I wouldn’t drag you into anything of the sort. I’m a divorced man, my ex-wife lives in Montana, and so there’s nothing to be worried about. I don’t have children.” He answered with a confident tone. She believed him.

“I’m in. I’ll see you at 6:30.”  See hung the phone up and put the phone in her purse. She sat quickly in her head the entire ride. She thought to herself, This shit just got real and I don’t even have a clue to what I’m getting into, but I am NOT going to let this opportunity pass me by.

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One christmas slay Author Jasmine Jackson wrote this story for all avid readers who love a good story and a bit of ratchedness! Visit the W by JJ tab on the home site to read a small snippet and purchase her book ‘W’.


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