The Goddess Pearl Detox: Detoxing Your Yoni

Goddess Pearl DetoxThe Goddess Pearl Detox: Detoxing Your Yoni

The Goddess Pearl Detox is what you need to detox your yoni. I am not just talking about adding that douche to your vagina actually despise, but adding the herbal health that the yoni needs. I’m sorry to say this but your vagina is very much important and it needs to be taken care of at ALL times. Vanessa White, also known as @OlanikeOsi on social media and is the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Goddess Detox. She is a woman who believes if you truly want something you can get it, you just have to make it happen. She wishes to help other women realize this realization as well. We were able to sit down and really get into the Goddess Pearl Detox details.

 PMA: Tell readers about The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls

Vanessa White: Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls are an all-natural herbal product inserted into the vaginal area to cleanse the vaginal and womb area so that one’s vaginal area is left feeling renewed. It is also more than just a physical experience but an emotional and spiritual cleanse as well.

PMA: What is the mission of The Goddess Detox?

Vanessa White: Hey love, Goddess Detox is a company about the woman and her self-care. We want women to release anything that holds them back so that their inner Goddess may shine, so we sell self-love inspired products in order to aid a woman’s journey in this.

PMA: What made you create such a life altering products for women and wombs everywhere?

Vanessa White: This was something that I tried personally and wanted to share the use of using herbs to heal naturally with women everywhere. I wanted more women to get in touch with their vaginal spaces. There are so many women I talk to who hardly even look down there and this product forces them to do that and I love that.

Goddess Detox

PMA: How does the detox work?

Vanessa White: Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls cleanse works by a woman stating her intentions over her first detox pearl on what she would like to detox. Then she uses our applicator that comes with her order and inserts her first pearl. Then she keeps that in for 24 hours, removes it and inserts the next pearl for 48 hours. After 48 hours she removes it and waits 3 days for what we like to call the purge to begin. The purge is when old vaginal skin cells, yeast, mucus and more are released from the vaginal area. After this release is when women may notice the beneficial changes from the  cleanse.

Goddess Detox PMA: What ingredients are in the detox?

Vanessa White: The herbs in our cleanse are Cnidium, Stemona, Fructus Kochiae, Motherwort, Angelica, Rhizoma, Borneal, and Ligusticum Wallichii.

PMA: How often should women use The Goddess Detox? Is there a regimen?

Vanessa White: How often women should use our cleanse is up to them. The main goal is for women to be connected with their yoni areas again. From there they will know when they would like to detox again. We only say to not use them more than 2x a month.

PMA: What’s next for The Goddess Detox? What’s pricing?

Vanessa White: We plan on offering more self-love inspired products soon so stay tunes. Currently our cleanse is $25 for 1 and $45 for 2.

Goddess Detox

The website for purchase is . Be sure to follow them on Instagram @GoddessDetox.  Every Thursday their Instagram is live Live at #GoddessConvos! I love this business, this black women movement, and the fact that we are sticking together to make at least ONE thing bussin’ together! Yesssss.

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  1. Tiaya

    There are so many counterfeits. I do not know that this one is a black owned business. White women aka faithful KKK members have initiated planned parenthood facilities nationwide. How do we know this is not another ploy to damage our wombs and prevent us from giving childbirth?


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