#GRABYOURPEACE Adapting and Adopting Peace

#GrabYourPeace #GRABYOURPEACE Adapting and Adopting Peace

Hello, avid readers, it is the month to #GRABYOURPEACE. We all need a level of peace in our life to be responsible, healthy, and happy adults. There are too many of us down, out, and not loving ourselves enough. But we must change that!

This month we will focus on searching for the peace within us to let go of past hurt, past negativity from and done to you, and unnecessary things and people. Every day won’t be red roses and Hennessy, but we have to start establishing a line of control.

Start by acknowledging you matter. It reads simple, but it’s not simple. Write down all of the positive things that you do daily, weekly, or monthly. Create a system of reward for yourself such as after two weeks of your normal life and checking your list—go buy that bag you wanted. You deserve it. You can work your life away and never play!

Start speaking positively in your mind and out loud. Pessimism is tiresome, makes other’s want to stay away, and an easy out. Start challenging your thinking with positivity, prayers, affirmations, and confident statements. Damn right, you are a freakin’ boss! Own that shit!

#GrayourpeaceCold turkey cut out negativity. If you ween yourself off, you often go back and accept one last text or call. No! Block their asses, block that devil, and GLOW UP. Peace comes from distressing. Declutter your hurt and unpack the baggage.

#GrabYourPeace and make sure that pray. Talk to God like you talk to your bestie. Read your devotions and count on the pure love around you to push you pass whatever has you down. But remember, that mental health is a real ass situation and if you need to seek outside help GO FOR IT! Peace comes from doing different solutions! The same old things won’t cut it!

Do you feel me? Let’s get to finding that inner peace.

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