Guest Post: Unexpected Company

owriterO’ The Writer Guest Post: Unexpected Company

“Yes baby, I’m pulling up to the house now”, Melinda said speaking into her wireless ear piece. She was speaking to her fiancé, Will, who was out of town taking care of some family issues. “I can’t wait until you are back here tomorrow. I’m missing you so much right now.”

“It won’t be long now. I’ve taken care of everything here. I’m not going to hold you, so go inside. Remember to lock the door and set the alarm,” Will replied, as he heard the car door slam on the other end of the phone.

“You worry too much. I’m fine. I will call you after I shower. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The phone went silent. Melinda went inside the house, locking the door behind her, and setting the alarm. She went to her room, and sat her purse on the edge of the dresser. Going into the dresser drawer, she picked out a pair of panties, and threw it onto the bed. Inside of the spacious walk-in closet, she retrieved one of her favorite robes and threw it on the bed as well. She undressed down to her underwear, and placed her clothes in the hamper. With her thoughts being on Will, Melinda kept wishing that he was there. She hated being apart from him.

In the bathroom, she started the shower, making sure that the water temperature was to her liking. Placing a shower cap over her hair, she then headed to the kitchen for something to drink. She prepared herself an ice cold glass of juice. On her way out of the kitchen, Melinda froze in her tracks, and turned around. On the counter near the sink, was a glass with a small amount of liquid in it. She walked to the sink and lifted the glass. Oddly, the glass had sweat on it. ‘Now I know that I didn’t leave any dishes out when I left.’ Melinda thought to herself. She placed the glass in the dishwasher, and headed back to her room sipping on her drink along the way. Placing her drink on a coaster that sat on the nightstand, she removed her undergarments, and put them away with the rest of her soiled clothes.

The hot water from the shower glistened as it fell from Melinda’s skin. She closed her eyes, letting the water hit her face. Lathering her sponge, she began to cleanse herself, beginning with her neck, then down to her arms. Taking her time, she encircled the sponge around her naturally round breasts, slowly causing her nipples to arouse. She washed her stomach, and then moved down to her cleanly shaved vaginal area. Proceeding to wash her nicely toned legs, her back, and her eye-catching derriere, Melinda’s body was completely covered with soap. Her body was one that could easily rival that of any top model or video vixen. Men drooled at the sight of her. Melinda’s intellect also made her a threat amongst her peers. She was definitely a woman that men desired and one whom females desired to be.

After rinsing off, Melinda stood under the therapeutic stream of water for a while, before reaching for her towel and drying herself off. She went into her room, sat on the edge of the bed, applied lotion to her body, and put on a silk-like blue pantie that she had taken out of the drawer earlier. She drank the remainder of her drink and wrapped up in the warmth of her robe. Returning to the kitchen, she rinsed out her glass and placed it in the dishwasher. In her room, Melinda kneeled at her bedside and prayed. Crawling into bed, she turned on the television, lowered the volume, and reached over to the lamp, turning it off. Before she could get comfortable, she noticed that she had left the closet light on. Rushing, so that she can call Will back, she got up, walked hastily over to the light switch, and flicked it off. As soon as she did, startling her, the closet door swung open. Melinda screeched and jumped as a hand grasped her neck, pushed her a few steps back, and flung her onto the bed.



“Shut up and don’t say a word, bitch!” Dressed in all black, standing in front of her, was a male figure with his face concealed by a bandana. Melinda, with widened eyes, stared as the intruder pointed a .45 mm handgun in her direction.

“What do you want from me?” she asked nervously. “My purse is right there”, Melinda said, pointing towards the dresser.

“I thought I told you not to say a word.” The masked man walked towards her. “Stand up!” Melinda did as she was told. “Now turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

The masked intruder paused. He took his forefinger and ran it down Melinda’s spine. “Better yet”, he said, “remove your shirt, and then put your hands behind your back.” Unwillingly, she followed his instructions. He then bound her hands, blindfolded her, and had her to lie on the bed once again. “Yo!” he yelled. Seconds later, Melinda heard footsteps. “Do with her as you please”, she heard the intruder say, “I’ll search around to see what I can find.”

‘There’s another one’, Melinda thought to herself. ‘Please, God, don’t let them hurt me’. At that moment, knowing exactly what it was, she felt a cold object on her chest. It was the barrel of a gun. She felt the belt to her robe being unfastened. The assailant pulled her robe off of her, but unable to get it beyond her tied wrists. She felt helpless as she lay there in her panties and bra.

The second intruder removed the gun from her chest. Her breathing became erratic once he started toggling with her bra. He cupped her breasts and licked on them, periodically alternating between the two. Melinda let out a whimper as his hand found its way inside of her panties and groped her. He pulled her underwear down fully exposing her body to him. She heard as he undressed himself. Melinda twitched as he parted her uncooperative legs. He moved his body between her thighs, lying completely flat on top of her with his erection against her.

“Please don’t do this”, she pleaded.

Ignoring her, he slid up the length of her body causing goose bumps to rise. “Shh…relax. I don’t want to hurt you” he said faintly in a whisper with a foreign accent. First I’m going to please you the way that you want to be pleased, and then you’re going to let me fuck you.”

‘Let you?’ Melinda asked herself, at the same time thinking that there was something familiar about the voice, but she couldn’t quite figure it out.

As the thought went through her mind, the second intruder went down on her, catching her by surprise. Melinda took a deep breath as his tongue entered her forbidden zone. He licked around her clit and up and down her slit. His tongue slithered inside her, hitting her spots, and causing her to moan out loud. She begged and pleaded for him to stop, but the more she petitioned, the more relentless he became. She tried to resist, but it was like he knew her body. Involuntarily, she grinded her hips into his face. A lone tear of guilty pleasure found its way from Melinda’s eye. Her body was slowly betraying her as this intruder, this stranger, this, this……. this rapist, made her cum, not once, but twice.
Melinda laid on the bed feeling confused. In her mind, she was feeling like she had betrayed Will. There was no denying that she enjoyed the fellatio given to her against her will.“Now I’m going to have my way with you”, the second intruder announced while guiding his brick hard muscle to her pink sex spot. Upon penetration, afraid of saying anything, Melinda noticed that he was condomless.

Thoughts raced through her head. ‘That voice. Could it be?’

His voice sounded so familiar to her. She shook the thought out of her mind knowing that it couldn’t be. Her mind was playing tricks on her.

The second intruder moved in and out of her. He touched her roughly, then seemingly at the same time, being careful not to hurt her. It was quite strange to Melinda. This was not how she imagined that a rapist would be with his victim.

He filled his mouth with her breasts; sucking, pulling, and nibbling on them while fucking her harder. His dick rendering her pussy to his desire as it went shallow and then deep. He grunted, and turned her over effortlessly. The way he manhandled her, made her leak against her own will. He griped as he plummeted into her repeatedly from the rear. Her voluptuous ass bounced as their skins slapped.

Melinda yelled out. She didn’t know rather she did so because of the agony from the pain or from ecstasy of the pleasure that roared through her body.
Overly excited, the second intruder held on to her ass and tugged at the blindfold a little too hard, causing it to come off. Melinda’s mouth dropped as she caught a glimpse of her assailant in the mirror. The sight alone caused her to cum as she threw her ass back at him ferociously. He untied her hands, giving her freedom to have more control of what she was doing. She looked back at him, her ass clapping on his dick. Melinda knew what time it was once she saw his face tighten. She tightened her grip on him and bucked back harder. He pounded into her three more time before releasing a glob of semen into her.

“We were supposed to do the rape scene next week” Melinda blurted out moments later, while lying on her back.

          “I know, baby, but I wanted to do it when you least expected it”, Will answered.

          “Who was the other guy?” Melinda asked curiously.

          “That’s my homie Rod. He rode back with me. He wants a new start in a different city since his divorce is finalized. It took a lot of convincing for him to help me out with this. He thought that I was crazy; planning the rape of my own woman.”

          Melinda looked Will in the eyes and said to him, “Because of his assistance to you, we should at least offer to let Rod watch next time.” With that being said, she faded into a deep slumber with a satisfied look on her face.
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