Hair Must Have: Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer Cream

Heyyyyy ladies, Long time no write, right? I know. I’m back to tell you about a hair must have that has been doing great for my hair! Now, there are plenty of products on the market stating that they can help grow your edges, but baby–None of them are delivering like Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer!

Now, I’ve been treating my edges for a while and it’s all because I didn’t care enough about me or my hair to really give it some love. However, since Corona hit… I’ve been self-caring the heck out of myself.

I have been using this cream for about three weeks and I have seen some great results. I wash and condition my hair weekly, but I apply my enhancer everyday.

Here are my results:

Edge Naturale
This is 20 days apart

I would recommend this to anyone trying to regrow their edges and hair. The texture is very creamy and it reminded me of a leave-in conditioner. The bottle is small yet it still is a lot of product which is good, it’s good for space in your cabinet yet lasts for weeks. I have always had thin hair and at one point, I wouldn’t wear my hair out at all but year 30 changed! I love my curls and now this product is helping fix my edges so I can wear my natural curls confidently.

Shop Edge Naturale to help regrow your hair!


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