Happy New Year: Add Some Self-Care Plans to this Whole Year!

Happy New Year: Add Some Self-Care Plans to this Whole Year! Welcome to Pardon My Audacity where I celebrate the beauty of brown men and women plus spill a little tea!

This year, I am severely working on self-love, self-esteem, and the betterment of myself. Literally, two years ago Baby Jaslyn well better known as Toddler Jaslyn changed my life. I thought that when I started feeling like myself that I had become the old, confident Jasmine. However, I hadn’t. I just didn’t feel like a human was ripped from my soul. Ok, maybe not my soul, but I had a C-section and that thang was rough. OK?

As a teacher by day, I had time off. This holiday I spent most of my holiday working on business plans, taking care of Jaslyn, and working a work from home job to make ends meet. I never took a break so by December 31, 2018 I felt like a fat, stay-at-home mom with no life, no desire to leave, but just a desire to sleep off this hard work. I decided I wasn’t going out, but I would damn sure look the part– sip come bubbly, watch fireworks with my mini me, and sing and dance with my sisters. We called it “Club Living Room!”

This fun cocktail dress came from Ashley Stewart! It fit all this booty, hips, tummy, and boobs. It was the perfect outfit for the perfect indoor activity.

Jaslyn is in her picky eating stage so she requested “chi-chen” which is chicken and “fwies” aka fries. Jaslyn didn’t get dressed up as much; she was running a small temperature and highly irritated. However, the party continued on.

I beat my face, put on some jewelry, and we danced to the New Year shows and the celebrities that hit the stage! For the first time during the break, I felt gorgeous! My hair are braided into medium-sized Poetic Justice braids and I knew Snapchat wouldn’t let us miss a holiday without giving us a bomb filter for this caramel skin honey. Bottom line, I saved money, had delicious wings and homemade fries, Vodka, fireworks, and rest with my baby girl.

This new year guys, let’s just make sure we don’t make unnecessary new year resolutions but life plans. Plan to be the best YOU that you can be. Yes, mothers can still be about self! Yes, entrepreneurs still need to be about self. If you aren’t well, you cannot wear and perfect all the hats that you are responsible for.

Be responsible enough to STOP neglecting yourself. Be responsible enough to know that toxicity that has held you back in 2018 needs to be gone by the end of 2019! Happy New Year to you for choosing you and honeyyyy– these articles that are coming will be all about getting your shit in order to reign by the end of the year. We have to support each other and we must hold each other accountable.


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