Healthy Zero-Calorie Foods

Healthy Zero-Calorie Foods

Here you are inside of the break room and your coworker Troy is pulling out a box of Italian. You are watching and wanting but you just started a diet. You now feel defeated, but there are a few tricks that can help you trudge on through your new lifestyle change.

There are healthy zero-calorie foods that you can eat which will allow you to eat more and ingest less calories. Tie these foods with at least thirty minutes of cardio and you will start to see small changes toward your goals.

Food Food ideas
Cucumbers Cucumbers, tomatoes, feta & Italian dressingCucumber and fresh turkey meat
Oranges Orange slices in fresh spinach, feta, walnut,& cranberry vinaigrette
Apples Apple slices in oatmeal
Asparagus Sautéed in olive oil & sea salt
Tomato Tomato and feta & vinaigrette
Brocolli Sauteed with mushrooms & onionsBoiled broccoli
Strawberry Strawberry, greek yogurt, & one crushed graham cracker
Spinach Fresh salad w/turkey, chicken, or eggSautéed spinach with fresh garlic
Mushroom Stuffed Mushroom w/ fresh crab meatMushroom w/scrambled egg whites
Peppers Sautéed peppers in scrambled egg whitesSautéed w/ ground turkey meat & black beans 

Summer Squash

Sautéed w/Olive oil and peppers
Green Tea Green tea & Belvita cracker


Just try and incorporate these lower calorie foods into your everyday meals and see what it gets you. Making a life change is never an easy task, but you can definitely do it. There are endless things you can do to drop weight. Pinterest has so many home workouts that you can try. Walmart, Target, Kmart, and other department stores have weights, sweat bands, and home equipment that can be utilized. Do not get caught up in the hype of the “gym” because it doesn’t always start there.

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