Herb’N Eden: A Vegan Soap Making Company that’s Rocking in the ATL

Herb'N EdenHerb’N Eden: A Vegan Soap Making Company that’s Rocking in the ATL

Herb’N Eden is a vegan soap making company that’s rocking it out in the ATL supplying locals with everything they need to get their skin regime together. CEO, Terran Lewis, is a woman that saw a need in her community and began supplying it. This company is filled with hands-on individuals dedicated to supplying what you need and even teaching you how to make it. PMA had a chance to have a sit-down and talk about this dope ass company.

PMA: Tell readers about Herb’N Eden.

Terran Lewis:  Herb’N Eden is an all natural handmade soap company. We make soap with quality skincare ingredients to nourish and promote skin health. We believe that most skincare and health problems can be resolved with the natural resources of mama Earth.

PMA:  What inspired the creation of Herb‘N Eden? What do you hope to accomplish by starting this company?

Terran Lewis:  I’ve always searched for a craft that fit my liking, and at first I dabbled with jewelry making and crocheting. For some reason, they just weren’t IT. I was researching another craft to learn and came across soap making! It was a melt and pour process, and I was in love with the way the soap turned out. I was in awe that I had just made something so essential, I mean we use soap every day. I wasn’t the only one excited, so many people jumped at the opportunity to try my soap and even wanted more. From there the idea to make this newfound hobby became a business. The melt and pour process didn’t involve making soap from scratch, so I learned to do that with the cold process method and wala I’m a soap maker. Furthermore, my husband is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, so he saw this as a chance to for me to join the journey and I ran with it. By starting Herb’N Eden, I plan to accomplish a successful brand that is reputable for creating natural skincare that works.

Herb'N Eden

PMA: How long have you been making soap and what would you suggest for those entrepreneurs that are looking to start working on their first bars of soap?

Terran Lewis: I’ve been making soap for about 2 years now. I’m never good with knowing the exact length of time lol, feels like I’ve been making soap forever at this point! For those who to start making their own soap, I recommend getting a soapmaking kit. This is the method I used to start, I purchased a kit from The kit shows you the initial process of making soap. I’m a hands on learner and making soap is very hands on, of course, so the best way to learn is to experience the process.

PMA: What are your key ingredients to use when making soap?

Terran Lewis: The key ingredients I use are plant oils such as coconut & palm, aloe vera, herbal powders, and essential oils. Some of our soaps are unscented and only contain ingredients that still feed the skin such as oatmeal & honey. I chose to exclusively use essential oils because they are the essence of plants. My business is named “Herb’N Eden”, plants are our foundation. Fragrance oils are synthetically lab made and aren’t always good for all skin types. The only chemical used to make our soap is sodium hydroxide, which is a key component needed to turn oils into soap.

Herb'N Eden

CEO Terran Lewis and business partner/husband Quinton Lewis

PMA:  Everyone wants to have amazing skin, but have skin issues. What skin issues can your soap assist with healing?

Terran Lewis: Each ingredient in the soaps is handpicked based on its ability to assist the skin with maintaining natural health. Some skin issues they help with include acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Many of the ingredients such as activated charcoal help to draw impurities from the skin. They can even help to regulate sebum (oil) production, cell regeneration, and bacteria. Most importantly natural soap doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils like commercial soaps, which contain harsh chemicals and detergents. So overall, using a soap with natural ingredients helps the skin to heal rather than further damage it. 6. Are there any signature soap ingredients you particularly rave about? Well, of course, the activated charcoal is the most popular ingredient. Detox is very important to many people since we encounter toxins on a daily. I found out about the amazing benefits of charcoal when I got food poisoning, it’s that effective! I thoroughly research herbs that are beneficial for the skin, and oatmeal is commonly known to help. Oatmeal is good for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin. It’s a natural cleanser, which contains saponins, so you can use it as a gentle cleanser by itself. Although, unscented the oatmeal and honey soap is one of my favorites! I use a variety of herbs and essential oils throughout the soap. Another one that I usually recommend is tea tree oil. I have two soaps with tea tree, a standard with just the oil and the tea tree and turmeric bar. It’s so beneficial by itself because it removes bad bacteria, fungi, and aids cell regeneration. Tea tree is also anti-inflammatory so it’s helped a lot of my customers dealing with inflammation and sunburn

PMA: You recently had a soap making class in Atlanta. Will there be another? What did the class consist of?

Terran Lewis: There will definitely be more classes. The one I just did was my first, and it was way better than I even expected! It’s at my home in my soap room, so I keep it limited to 7 people and the first one I sold every ticket. It was exciting to see so many want to experience soap making. I was so proud of how everyone’s soap loaves turned out I could have cried lol. I plan to have a class the first Sunday of every month. Since the first class, I’ve had so many people inquire about more. The class consists of an intimate soap making session, it’s a small class where you learn to make soap from a soap maker. I keep it very hospitable by providing vegetarian/vegan cuisine and of course wine! The workshop is called Herb’ N Vibes & Soap making, so good vibes are mandatory as well. Lastly, you get to take home the soap you made, it’s quite the experience, even for myself.

Herb'N Eden

PMA: All the soap sold is Vegan? What was the deciding reason for making everything Vegan?

Terran Lewis: All of the soap is vegan. The only kind of not vegan ingredient is honey, but that can be based on perspective. I decided to make it vegan to further connect with those who are health-conscious and choose veganism as a way of life. The decision to use natural soaps is a health-conscious one, and the raw/vegan community is a big part of that. Not only that, but I’m not a fan of using animal fat versus using natural plant based oils. Plant oils are the best for nourishing and moisturizing our natural skin.

PMA: What separates you from other natural beauty stores?

Terran Lewis: What separates Herb’N Eden from other natural beauty products is that we stay in our lane. There is no competition only creation. Herb’N Eden is a self-expression of the lifestyle my husband & I live by. I create based on my own intuition and research. Everything about Herb’N Eden is a product of my expression and nobody can copy or take that from me.

Herb'N Eden Soap Making Class PMA: Where can readers find you? What’s next?

Terran Lewis: You can check out our products at We are also on Facebook and Instagram under the name Herb’N Eden. Expanding to making more natural skincare products is what’s next for Herb’N Eden. Body butter, lip balms, toners, serums, scrubs, and more. Throughout my research of skincare, I’ve become passionate about the different natural remedies for maintaining skin health. Of course, I plan to make more varieties of soap as well. When I started Herb’N Eden I envisioned it venturing into all things herbs. The possibilities are endless; I will just continue to create!

Go support Herb’N Eden today! Make sure you purchase you some great vegan soap and start a skin regime. Black don’t crack, but we damn sure need to keep this body buttered and covered.


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