Hey sis, Self-Care is Always the Answer

Hey sis, Self-Care is Always the Answer


Hey sis, self-care is a definite must in your twenties. There’s too many stressors on a daily basis that too long without self-care can result in a serious twenty-something depression. Check your vibe and if it’s off, it’s time to switch up the routine and add some you to your life.

Unwind and get into yourself. It is perfect to take care of yourself and we have some ways that can transform your vibe.  Add a biweekly mani/pedi trip by your lonesome or with a good girlfriend. It’s always nice to decompress while getting pretty. I would suggest to step it up a bit by getting a mani/pedi alone and listening to guided meditation especially while getting your toes done.

Find at least fifteen minutes at the beginning of your day and the end to reflect on the good and bad. Close your eyes and meditate on the; inhale all of the positivity and exhale all the negativity. It’s all a matter of the mind and strengthening it by accepting all rays of sunshine into your life.

Use a calendar or your phone to schedule “me” time. While having this “me” time have a playlist of all your favorite jams to get your mind right. Exercising is always a way to get the endorphins going and makes it easier to feel better and lighter during hard times. It literally clears the mind. Be sure to hit the sauna, take your water, and relax well. Try yoga, cook bomb food, or take a dance—anything to pick your spirits up in this crazy world.

Sis, whatever you do make sure you take the time to include yourself into account when taking care of everything else. It is highly imperative that you remember that mental health is very important and that you must reset and relax after working your ass off.

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