Ho, Ho, Ho– A Christmas BETRAYAL

Ho, Ho, Ho A Christmas BetrayalHo, Ho, Ho– A Christmas BETRAYAL

WARNING: Ho, Ho, Ho–A Christmas Betrayal will feature profanity and sexual content. Continue reading at your own risk! Written by: Author Jasmine Jackson.

Shonda smelled of baked goods; she slaved over the Christmas cookies for Chandler’s pre-k Christmas party. It was evening and Shonda waited for her husband like she did most days. It would be three months of marriage soon and she wanted to make sure that this Christmas as a married woman with a child would be exceptionally special.  Clarence stood outside of his home, taking a deep breath in exhaling before walking into his nagging new wife. He contemplated staying outside of the door a little longer, but he told her he was five minutes away and didn’t want to hear the bitching from Shonda. She was pretty, but Clarence was into intellect. She could hold a conversation with most, but he was growing bored, but his children needed a mother.

“Hey dear.” He walked into his home and he spoke to his homemaking wife.

“Hey my love. What’s wrong?” Shonda asked as she popped a tray of cookies into the oven.

“Nothing. Hey baby!” Clarence eyes lit up as his daughter Chandler jumped into his arms. Clarence adored Chandler. She took after his genes, she was smart, and he married her mother to complete what he thought would be a lasting family dynamic.  Clarence sat on the couch watching the news and staring into his phone. He was getting ready to teach a yoga class and he would be able to release and relax from the day.


30 minutes earlier…

Whitney wondered around Target looking for ice cream, chocolate, and hell some bomb ass lipstick she could swatch on her video blog. She was single and hadn’t been in love since her last situationship. She ended up with Oreo’s, vanilla ice cream, with fudge sauce. It had been a long week. She purchased a bottle of port wine, a rich purple shade lipstick, and a happy face toward laying in the bed with snacks. After walking around for about thirty minutes, she proceeded to the checkout line. She stopped yet again at some cute tops when someone called out her name.

“Whitney?” The voice was deep and familiar. She didn’t want to turn around she would notice his voice apart from any mans. It had played numerous times in her head after the amazing sex and the weed and the bliss.

“Clarence?” She hadn’t seen him in a year. She hadn’t heard his voice or her name coming from his voice.

“I knew it was you. How are you?” Clarence spoke clear and stood tall over Whitney. Whitney smiled and pushed through a conversation without being forward.

“I’m doing well. Just getting some lipstick for a vlog and some ice cream.”

“With chocolate sauce and Oreos?” He chuckled a little and she did as well.

“You know I like fat shit. I need wine and ice cream.” Whitneylightened up.

“I know. It was good to see you.” Clarence mentioned. Her stomach got tight. He looks good damn it. Like no time has passed; young and sexy. He is everything I need in a man with his ain’t shit self! That makes no sense Whitney! Whitney ’s thoughts were all over the place as he stood in front of her.

“Yeah, it was good to see you too.” The two turned the opposite of each other to start to walk away, but she had to know. “Clarence, did you really marry someone?” her voice didn’t crack. They were always honest with each other.

“Yes.” He responded.

“That’s too bad.” Shonda stated.

“I am teaching yoga now and I would love to have you come by to take a class. Also, I would like to have a profile for the blog. I’ll pay for whatever you charge for sponsorship.” Clarence said. His eyes were locked onto hers intently. They said more than what his mouth said. She looked away with a small smile.

“Where do you teach class?” Whitney inquired.

“City of Decatur.” He responded certain she’d ask for more information.

“Days and times?” Whitney questioned.

“I’ll text you the information. Is that cool?” He thought he was slick.

“Your wife wouldn’t like that.”

“She knows how I handle business, that’s why she’s my wife.” It hit her gut hard, but she bounced back quickly. She had taken all the time to heal and became a more rounded individual; she couldn’t allow him to make her act the way she used to.

“Well, text me the information and I’ll try to see what days I have available.” She responded before slowly walking away from Clarence.

“It’s the same number?” He yelled out.

“Yes.” She yelled back before keeping on her way.

Clarence stared at the text message he was going to send and couldn’t decide if he should delete it altogether in case Shonda went through his phone or delete but then she may text back. He decided to re-text her in a professional manner as if he didn’t know her. He sent the text message with the information for the class. He didn’t know what the fuck he was doing. He married Shonda because their dating had been short before their accidental kid happened, and Whitney told him no. He didn’t care about anything he had done because he had thought their love was worth it. He thought she’d forgive and forget and marry. But she boldly told him no. He watched her hips sway as she walked away. She glowed.

I’ll try to make it- Whitney texted back.

She sat in the comfort of her car behind the wheel gripping it and reading his text message over and over again.

Not this time Whit. She thought to herself and kept it moving.


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