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All Tea, No shade:

Jasmine Jackson is a freelance writer who embarked her journey in 2011. Her journey began when she graduated from GSU and landed her first freelance gig on However, her passion for writing could not be held back. She had a few things to say and decided to launch the blog; Pardon My Audacity.

PMA is a platform that’s gossip-free, dope, artistic, and Black Girl Magic blog allowing those who have something to say to be heard. Jasmine is now the Editor-in-Chief of Pardon My Audacity blog and author of the published books ‘W’  from the W.E.T series published January 15, 2018. The second installment of the series is ‘E’ debuting June 15, 2018.

Jasmine has been writing as long as she can remember powerfully expressing her thoughts. She’s a jade of all trades; editing, writing, and interviewing those who have like minds or entrepreneurial spirits. Jasmine Jackson writes urban fiction, erotica, relationship advice, fashion, and indie artist reviews.

Jasmine currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She has her BA in Journalism and MA in English Creative
Fiction. When she is not busy writing, she exudes the importance of education and creative writing as an Interrelated Paraprofessional. She loves to read, recite poetry, exercise, and enjoys being a new mother of a beautiful baby girl.

W: of the WET SeriesW. Of the WET Series

W.E.T is a three part book series. The first installment is “W,” which follows the love story of Mila Meridian and Weston. This series will take you on a roller coaster ride through friendship, steamy sex, and lots of indecisiveness from the beauty Mila. Weston, Ethan, and Taran have stepped into her world and she’s standing in the middle wearing her heart on her sleeves.

Atlanta is the city of artistry, networking, and amazing orgasms. W. Of the Series W.E.T chronicles the love life of a guarded heartbroken young woman who like many other women making a comeback is focused on progressing her career and stacking her paper. Some say she’s closed off, a bit bitchy, and missing out on the juiciness in the city. Mila Meridian’s is not so great with love or with dating. Not until she starts knocking boots with the unknown identity of a real man.

What will happen? Who will she end up with? You have to start with “W” so you can get to “E.”


E of the W.E.T Series Releases June 15E. Of the WET Series

Atlanta publicist Mila Meridian has found charm, awesome sex, and fun times dating famous artist Weston. However, Mila cannot dodge her handsome trainer Ethan. Ethan has a southern draw, a bold finesse, and amazing mouth game—he is nothing she has ever experienced. On a single night Ethan crosses boundaries to prove he wants Mila; boldly showing up to the club where Mila and Weston friends are sitting in VIP awaiting her return. Mila is in a chancy situation with both of the men she’s trading game with. What could happen after that? Will she add another man to her already-filled roster? From W. to E. the series W.E.T continues to get juicy.

It is now hot & heavy with Weston and Ethan. Find out what triggered Mila to bring another to the party! 

Click the link to PURCHASE W & E today! 

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