Jasmine Jackson Debuts 'W' of W.E.T in August


W.E.T is a three part book series. The first installment is “W,” which follows the love story of Mila Meridian and Weston. This series will take you on a roller coaster ride through friendship, steamy sex, and lots of indecisiveness from the beauty Mila. Weston, Ethan, and Taran have stepped into her world and she’s standing in the middle wearing her heart on her sleeves.

Mila Meridian is a successful, sexy, sophisticated Atlanta publicist. She wants everything every other woman wants; well, almost everything. Mila wants amazing back-breaking sex with a tall, successful, career man. She wants a home, a social life, but there is one thing she’s running from– true love. Mila is against falling in love and when she meets Weston Huntington that’s exactly how it begins.

With every moment spent together, Mila begins to appreciate this fascinating man who waxes her ass in the sack and reveals that he adores the reality of a woman instead of the superficial features of a woman. Through a series of dates, flashbacks from her past heartbreak with ex-boyfriend Jamel, and fighting against her strong attraction inevitably, she falls for Weston. However, Ethan is already lurking trying to steal her attention.

What will happen? Who will she end up with? You have to start with “W” so you can get to “E.”

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