Who Are We

Launched in 2013 as a community of millennials who value urban fiction, poetry, art, indie artist, fashion, beauty,  Atlanta life, and the those who aren’t afraid to say what the hell they want! Don’t you want to be in a community where your opinions are heard LOUD and CLEAR? Well, I wanted that for Pardon My Audacity. This site is a growing virtual body of go-getters, goal-busters, educated, outspoken, CREATIVE millennials who have their own damn opinions and thoughts.

PMA doesn’t promise to have secret sources, receipts, or unnecessary drama. We promise dedicated songwriters, boutique owners, rappers, writers, fashion designers, fashion enthusiast, and all things black lifestyle. However, we do spill a small amount of tea once a day for those that need a little pick me up. You will receive a dose of seasonal trends of fashion and makeup, indie artist music reviews, showcase, spotlights, and entrepreneurs. The site reviews beauty products for YOU naturalistas. We offer advice, tips, and suggestions for love, friendship, and all things womanhood. From time to time, you may read a bomb poem or an erotic short story. PMA brings it’s A-game.

For the past three years, we have been out here grinding to be heard! Founder, Jasmine Jackson, has interviewed singer Dwele, Bad Girls Club’s own Stasi Quinn, NY Times Bestselling Author Zane and she doesn’t plan on stopping. She networks around Atlanta and around to review and share with readers amazing products. She’s really vocal and WELCOMES you all to be the same.  Pardon My Audacity isn’t just a blog for fun, but is filled with substance.

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Pardon My Audacity offers a firm voice of pure truth, realness, and creativity. Why not be a part of this sisterhood? You should be, there’s no reason not to!

The Founder, Jasmine Jackson, is an Amazon author. She’s the editor-in-chief of Rabt Share, writer, mommy, and all-around straight forward pro-black woman. Ms. Jackson writes advice columns, mentor’s young women, and makes her dreams reality by constantly pushing forward.

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