Hoodies UP

Pardon My Audacity received the dopest poem in honor of Trayvon Martin and support for the entire situation. Brittany Deas is a poet so respect her shhhh! Zimmerman was found ‘NOT GUILTY’ but be encouraged god has a plan for everyone.


Hoodies Up

Walking down the street, minding my business, on the way home with my skittles and tea.

Everything was all good until some dude decided he wanted to racially profile me.

I was just on the phone chilling talking to my friend; little did I know that tonight would be my end.

It was a cold, rainy night so I was wearing my hoodie up, again just on the phone

with my girl asking her ‘wassup’. I kept feeling like someone was watching me so I

turned around to look, and what do I see? A creepy-looking dude coming from the “tee”.

What happened next was all a blur; I didn’t know what I was about to incur.

Tension, struggle, fear, pain was what I felt as we fought through the rain.

My whole life flashed before my eyes when I saw that gun he pulled from his side.

The sudden pain I felt in my chest was the bullet that took my life and gave me rest.

But why? Tell me why did this all go down? Just because I’m a young black boy wearing a

Hoodie walking through the town? Assuming that I’m a thug who is up to no good,

And that I don’t belong around these parts, but in the hood. The media is pointing

Out all of my flaws, but instead they need to expose America and these jacked up laws.

The “wanna-be cop” is claiming ‘stand your ground’ and self-defense, while I’m dead

And he’s on trial trying to prove his innocence. But would there even be a trial if I was

White and he was black? Forget I asked that question because we all know the answer to that.

Pretty soon the trial will be over, the verdict will be read and either I will get my justice,

or this man will walk instead. But if this man walks he still won’t be free, each day

he will face the repercussions and guilt of killing me. If there is no justice, there should be no

peace. Our people should riot, rally, and march until the profiling cease. Let your voices be heard,

for this will go on, if we don’t take a stand to end it and call for it to be gone. Young men don’t stop

wearing your hoodies, wear them proud, because they don’t define you, say it loud!

Hoodies Up!!


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