Hot Seat with Internet Hottie Dat Damn Indian Boy

datdamn indianHot Seat with Internet Hottie Dat Damn Indian Boy

I sat behind my computer desk scrolling through Facebook only to find a dark chocolate man with a bottom of gold teeth and a man bun! His hair was black, silky, and long. His eyes were wide, but more importantly, shawty was VIRAL. Going viral could mean a few things; you’re hilarious, you’re interestingly talented, annoying, or Dat Damn Indian Boy. One single picture drove women into crazy debates about everything chocolate, fine, and his sexy man bun. Ladies, I got to sit down and get you more on the viral sex symbol sit back and enjoy!

PMA: Tell the ladies a little bit about yourself.

DDIB: My name is Terrance Baker. I go by Dat Damn Indian Boy. Anything you would like to know just ask… “I won’t bite,” ya heard me?

PMA: What do you do for a living?

DDIB:  I am a new upcoming model/artist.

PMA: Are you single?

DDIB: (Laughs) Maybe… maybe not. I gotta keep the ladies guessin’ tho.

PMA: How old are you?

DDIB:  I am the perfect age. Not too young and not too old. I’ll keep the ladies guessin’ with that one too. (Laughs)

PMA: Where you from

DDIB: I live in New Orleans. My mom is originally from Flushing Queens NYC, and my dad is from the south so I bounced around back and forth a little. But I’m a Southern boy at heart.

Dat damn indian boyPMA: This is a Reader’s Question: What hair products do you use on your hair?

DDIB: Honestly, just a little water and grease. Nothing special.

As you can see, we started off not getting much info, but we continued to dig for you ladies.

PMA: What is your type of woman?

DDIB: I think women are everything! I love a smart woman; someone I can learn something from. Other than that, I just like the song “Ion got no Type.” I love all different types of women big, small, short, tall; all women are gorgeous in their own unique way.

PMA: Marry, Sex, Side chick- Jill Scott, Trina, Rihanna?

DDIB: I would marry Jill Scott because she seems older and settled. Hands down, Trina with sex. I know from her music she gone give you the business. Rihanna can be my side chick or like they say in the city my lil dip.

PMA: Boxers or Briefs?

DDIB: Actually, I wear Boxer Briefs.

PMA: Do you have a skin care regimens for your flawless skin?

DDIB: (Laughs) No, just water… sometimes, I use cocoa butter.

PMA: What’s your nationality?

DDIB: My mom is from Trinidad which is where I get my Indian descent. Father is black. People on my social media use the term “Blindian.”

PMA: Are you a father?

DDIB: Yes. I am a proud father/king of four gorgeous daughters which I have custody of two of them.

dat damn indian boy

PMA: Reader’s question: Malika asked, Do you have knowledge of self?

DDIB: Yes, of course. Shoutout to the Five-Percent Nation (Five Percenters).

PMA: Where would you take a woman on y’all first date?

DDIB: I’m a Libra so I have very expensive taste so it would be somewhere very elegant and classy.

PMA: Can you cook?

DDIB: Yes, indeed. I’m a chef in the kitchen. I had to learn over the years when I started raising my daughters by myself.

PMA: Do you like to read? If so, what’s a good book?

DDIB:  Yes, I read. I’m reading a book called “Feein’ for a G” by the Author BriAnn Danae. She has me in her book as the character Dyami. Apparently, I have a lot of ladies in Kansas City lusting after me (laughs) dope right?

dat damn indian boy PMA: Very dope. Maybe we should have you on the cover of my next book! What’s your favorite food?

DDIB: Definitely GUMBO. But as a kid, my favorite food to eat was always white rice.

PMA: Do you want to be married?

DDIB: Yeah, I do. Hopefully, I will.

PMA: What is next for you career-wise?

DDIB: I have so many things coming next. I just want the ladies that love me to watch me as I grow on this journey to becoming the king that they know I am. I got this.

PMA: Reader Question: Amber asked, can y’all get married?

DDIB: Sure, my baby. As long as we can have our honeymoon tonight. (Laughs) just kidding.


Dat Damn  Indian Boy has stopped by bringing his sexy, the exclusive, and apparently, the freaking mystery. Make sure you follow him on all of his social media at @DatDamn_IndianBoy.

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