House of Diamonds: I

House of Diamonds: I

House of Diamonds I

The girls were lined up standing side-by-side with their arms at their side. They had just endured 12-hours of training and they were now about to be groomed. Tasia and Tyla referred to this process as “stripping the innocence” of the girl. They were standing in nude colored undergarments and fresh out of the shower; one by one revealing their natural looks. Every shade of brown in the room was rich and ready for the mission.

                “Numbers 1,3, and 5 follow Tonja. Numbers 2,4 and 6 follow Mariah. They will get your look down properly and then you will end your day being stripped. Soon you will be fully implemented into the house and into the system.” Tasia stood speaking to the women that were lined up. The women exited the foyer of the large Manchester Valley mansion. It sounded very harsh, but being stripped was by far the best part of joining the team. They were stripped at the end of every week in the mansion with their health and beauty team. This was no ordinary team. These women were running the streets of Atlanta and supplying paying customers with class.

                “I am going to miss Misty and the other girls, but I guess you have to graduate from escorting at some point, right?” Tasia spoke to her best friend Tyla.

                “I don’t think we have to since we started the company, but these chicks are going to. We will just revel in the cash that is being stacked and flipped.” Tyla responded then downed her Mimosa. The women were standing in their fortune; a large eight-bedroom mansion in Sugarloaf. Every personal touch was modern and clean. All Oakwood hardwood floors, vaulted white ceilings with crystal chandeliers, and open concept. Black art hung from the light yellow painted walls such as the painting of the black woman. The black woman whose body is a black and glittered city with curls of gold, purple, and magenta highlights with golden glitter setting the wall for the Black Girl Magic room where the women were stripped weekly.

Tyla and Tasia walked around to their joint office to sit and discuss their business moves. The recruitment process began at the beginning of the year. They would only allow 6-8 women to come to their home to work. It had to be a very discreet operation to keep the neighbors out of their business. Recruitment was once a year making it a very intense process. There were a series of workshops, physical and psychological training, clothing overhaul and new image consulting. The girls would re-enter the world business savvy, gorgeous, educated, with the perfect etiquette and a bomb ass shape if Tyla and Tasia could help it. They had to the be the top of the line or they wouldn’t make it in this business.  

                “Litzy, Jeri, Moya, Sati are all my favorite girls. They are always prepared and I think they are ready to earn back their money and print money into our pockets.” Tasia spoke first.

                “Yes, I agree. I have already booked them for July’s soiree with the mayors that have contacted us for the Atlanta’s Service Conference. Those four are already set up with the men. Tara will choose all their outfits for the events and their looks. They will get the 411 on each man and they will study them before the event.” Tyla jumped into the conversation as she considered  her notes from her golden calendar that was laid out on the desk. It was filled with notes, names, numbers, events, and anything she needed to never miss a beat.

                “So it’s settled, we released them tomorrow morning?” Tasia asked.

                “Yes. We will send them out with Bob, Richard, and Farooq for an Atlanta symphony show tomorrow evening to make sure they are ready.”   The women both agreed and waited until the stripping was over. They separated and went into their rooms. Tyla lay across her bed looking into her phone and then called Dre.

                “Hey baby,” Tyla spoke to her man.

                “Hey, gorgeous. How’s your day going?” He questioned innocently.

                “it’s going well. We just chose the first four girls to send off tomorrow. I am just laying in bed missing daddy’s dick.” Tyla cooed.

                “Well, daddy misses you too. Let me finish up here and I will slide through and pick you up.”

                “Bet.” The two ended their call and Tyla couldn’t wait to see her man. She closed her eyes and begin to doze off.

                Tasia sat in her closet counting the money she saved up for the month in order to store it away in one of her many accounts. She was never going to be broke again and therefore she learned to save as much money as she could every time she earned a profit and set it up for the days when she wouldn’t be a madam. There would be a time where she’d sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor.


Welcome to the House of Diamonds.


This work was created and written by Author Jasmine Jackson, 2017.


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