How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

Black-power-fist-iconHow Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

I am tired. I am physically and emotionally drained by the violence and lack of regard for the lives of black men and women in the so called “greatest nation” in the world. Every day there are instances where for whatever reason a black suspect is killed and you see film of a white violent offender being taken into custody and even being told to watch their heads as they’re being placed into the back of a police cruiser. Police can say that it’s because the suspect ran, but that negates Eric Gardner who was simply standing on a street corner.

The United States of America has a racial problem that they have tried to squelch, deny, and flat out lie about. Thanks to the companies of Samsung, Apple, HTC, et al it would appear that the revolution will be televised. I’ve come to you with graphic images (Michael Brown dead in the street gunshot wound to the head; Trayvon Martin as he died with his eyes open from a gunshot to the heart.) I’ve come to you with calming words and trying to help stabilize interactions with people you are justifiably afraid that they may be about to murder you.

Freddie Gray died after these sequences of events that are undisputed by the Baltimore Police Department Sunday April 12, 2015:

8:39  Police officers were working in a West Baltimore area with a history of violence and drug deals, and a man, later identified as Gray, was seen at the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street. The officers approached the man, who then fled on foot, but the reason for the approach remains a part of the ongoing police investigation, police said. (Meaning as of yet there was no probable cause to approach the male except that he was there)

8:40: A police officer was heard telling dispatch that officers had one person at 1700 Presbury Street, two blocks south of North and Mount.

8:42:  A “wagon,” or van, was requested for transport, according to Baltimore police, and that Gray asked for an inhaler. (At this point though in police custody, Gray has EVERY right to have medical assistance provided to him)

8:46: The driver of the van believes Gray is acting “irate,” police say. An officer asks the van to stop so the paperwork can be completed, according to Baltimore police. At this point, Gray is taken out of the vehicle, placed in leg irons and then put back in the van, police said.

8:54: The vehicle cleared Mount Street, heading toward central booking, police said.

8:59: A request was made by the driver of the van for an additional “unit” to check on Gray, police say. There was some undisclosed communication with Gray at this point.

9:23: Emergency medical services directed a technician to respond for an injured patient, as heard on a recording of the call that was publicly released.

9:24: Police officers requested paramedics to the Western District to transport the man to an area hospital. In a subsequent charging document, police said, “During transport to Western District via wagon transport the Defendant suffered a medical emergency and was immediately transported to Shock Trauma.”

9:37: On-scene medical responders said Gray was not breathing, according to EMS reports.

Thursday April 16, 2015
Gray was said to be in a coma by his attorney.

Sunday April 19, 2015
7:00:  Gray died. A vigil has been scheduled for this evening and the six officers involved have all been placed on administrative leave. (They are still being paid)

With no explanation, a young black man in dead. Prior to that we had a police officer kill an unarmed black man after a traffic stop. Walter Scott, who had warrants for unpaid child support, ran to avoid jail. Who can pay child support while in jail? Scott had just found that a temporary job would be permanent. I’m not going to say, “Walter was going to pay all that back child support.” I don’t know that he was. I do know, he did NOT deserve a death sentence. Police had already started a narrative that Scott grabbed the officer’s taser, the officer had fired one shot, and life saving measures were performed. All lies showed in a video none of the officers knew were being taken.

It hurt to watch Los Angeles burn after the Rodney King verdict, it hurt to watch Ferguson burn, and it hurt to watch Baltimore burn. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that the riot and looting was the anger of the voiceless. You have my solemn word that I will try to be your voice, to give you a platform for your voice, to try and teach you that you are far more than they make you out to be. Until then, my advice, though unpopular, is don’t burn your own. No one really cares about your neighborhoods now. If you must, go burn their shit, perhaps then they will hear your voice then. The cries of the mothers who are burying their sons that could’ve held the cures for cancer, a path to better government, a chance at a better life, but it was snuffed out, and now we’re left with promises unfulfilled. How long can we be expected to be shot, beaten, tased, and harassed before we fight back? Jesus said turn the other cheek, I submit we have no other way to turn.


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