How Many Friends Do You Have?

Likeeeee, how many friends do you have? I’m not even going to insert the word real because at almost thirty the people who you allow in your life has to have substance. If not, I’m not sure how the hell you are surviving out here in this big world without separating and securing yourself against negativity.

How many friends do you have? I’m referring to friends that when you call they will come and take care of you if it’s an emergency. I’m referring to friends who can watch your babies if you have a sudden emergency. The friends who purchases your kid stock because she is just that fly with helping your kid secure her future? I’m talking about Friends that drink with you and hold your hair if you barf, hold your hands in the club, and will fight if anyone doesn’t respect your personal boundaries!

These days, relationships are null and void. People who have known each other a short amount of time claim to be the best of friends. However, it takes years to honestly know a person and for that person to feel the same loyalty, friendship, and happiness that is shared. Who the hell are your friends? Are you wasting your time with Debbie Downer’s, Kasey Know-It-All’s, or Thot pocket Polly?

Do you friends fold when things are correctly planned and after they’ve said yes? Do you go to their events but they do not come to yours? I mean let’s be real… are they your friends?

I have been blessed to have good friends, be checked by good friends, and have even been a bad friend to which I apologized immensely. However, with great friends come reality checks that only them heffas can accomplish. I have been blessed to know that any relationship that is difficult most likely is a great one especially when proper communication comes into play. So again, how many friends do you have and if you have them… make sure you aren’t being a bogus friend yourself. Uplift throughout that sister circle and learn from them.

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