How to Master Potty Training

How to Master Potty TrainingMilfin’ It, Milkin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: How to Master Potty Training

Hey Milfs!

I’ve been potty training Baby Jaslyn for the last couple of months and I may be able to teach you how to master potty training! There are definitely funny moments, but also very gross moments. At times, I just want to hide in the closet, but I push through.

Whooosaaaaaa! We are pass the stage of sitting on a small potty, we are using the big girl toilet with a step stool to assist with getting on the toilet and washing hands at the sink. Most days she vocally expresses when she has to use the bathroom. However, there’s always a 50/50 chance she’s already gone in the pull up. It drives me crazy, but hey she’s learning that it’s not so comfortable anymore and so she tries to stay alert. Except for today, she sure popped a squat and pooped in her pull up today! She didn’t alert us at all!

When accidents happen, it’s important to understand that it’s trial and error. Jaslyn is progression in expressing herself more and she knows what she wants. But listen if I had on a pull up and it was socially acceptable, I wouldn’t get up in the middle of the night so i’m guess that’s what little mama is thinking! LOL. Seriously though don’t count yourself outm apply a method of attack. I did and it has helped even with minor accidents.

How to Master Potty Training

Here are 5 tips to help master potty training:

  1. Set an alarm for frequent toilet time. Every 30-45 minutes or less time if the child is consuming a large amount of fluids.
  2. Have a song you sing! Ours is: “Jaslynnnnn, it’s potty time! It’s potttyyy time! Number 1 or Number 2, Pee pee or a poo! It’s potttttty time! (Yes, it’s a little wack but she claps her way to the toilet).
  3. Celebrate the victories and discuss the failures with explanation. Example: Jaslyn does number two- “Way to go Jas! Big girl, you used the potty!” We clap and wash our hands. Jaslyn accidentally pees- “Jaslyn, when you have to potty, you have to tell mommy. Big girls use the potty now in their panties.
  4. Once you are pass the small potty and getting some success, purchase cheap underwear you don’t mind throwing away so that the child can feel the different. They will not like being wet and they will hate poop on them. That’s been going on for a week at my house, but she did have a pull on for dinner and went after on herself.
  5. Keep practicing. You are parent’s not superheros. They aren’t perfect either. They are just learning to express themselves, explore, and playing. It’ll take time and you have some time.

Eventually, we will all sit back and laugh at our potty training horror stories but look at our sweet babies with pride. What methods are working for you?

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