‘I Cheated…On My Diet’

I cheated on my diet‘I Cheated… On My Diet’

How many times have you felt like screaming “Help! I cheated on my diet!” to a friend, but was too ashamed? It’s a natural occurrence when you are trying to get that snap back, that snatched up, and that coke bottle body.

However, stop thinking of eating healthier choices and working the body out as a bad thing. It’s not! Stop admitting to cheating and just think of it as satisfying one craving. Now be mindful that eating a box of donuts doesn’t count as satisfying a craving. Consuming a box of donuts is gluttonous and will lead to more dietary issues than just one or two Oreos after a long week filled with meal prep and workouts!

Want to hold yourself accountable about what you put in your bodies in the first couple of months of training? Purchase you a diary and make sure to fill it with everything you put in your body and what the nutrients gained, calorie intake, and whatever other notes will help you understand the way you intake food and beverages.

Make sure that you have a partner to hold you accountable. This partner can meal prep with you, exercise with you, or just send that threatening text messages that will light a fire under your glutes and get your pumped to change your life.  

The lifestyle changes that you will implement will need to be something special only for you. You need to hone it and make it yours. Make sure that you are true to the things you absolutely enjoy, supplement healthier choices for fatty cravings, and do not allow yourself to give up.

Changing you is a decision only YOU can make. So, make sure you quit the diets and make an entire lifestyle change.

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