I Do Love you by TK


An Ode to Her: I Do Love You

Staring at my favorite picture of you, you’re so very beautiful. The image of perfection seared in my mind’s eye. I’m transported to the first time that I saw you and you literally took my breath away. I’ve been around the world and never witnessed anything that could rival your beauty. Everything around us seemed to pause, my first thought, “If I don’t have this woman, I will surely die.”

You smiled as I stood there transfixed by the effulgence that comes with being in your presence. There was no sound except the pounding of my heart. Your voice melodic, your laughter, a harmonious symphony written solely for me.

Enveloped inside your love I am baptized by the splendour that is your body. Just a simple touch from you causes a burn that would incinerate the hottest of volcanos. The love we share is one I never thought existed; a love that is eternal and unconditional. Your kisses, oh so sweet, not only intoxicating but breathtaking simultaneously. With you, there is no fear only an aching desire of more; always more. I am lost without you for it’s your love that keeps me from wandering the world, lonely and in misery.

I have but one prayer: Never to know life that does not include you. I’m spellbound, captivated, and rendered helpless when we embrace. No matter where I go, I carry you with me in my heart, mind, and soul. I am not sure exactly how much time I have left on this earth, none of us do. I can assure you that the remainder of my days will be spent loving you.

Edior’s Note: This was written by TK Hodge; my beloved writer that has taken my heart and ran with his talent. We love you TK and the woman that has you is lucky.

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Terrence Kyrell Hodge I was born 9/13/79, in what was then W. Berlin Germany, to Qualise and Lieutenant Tyrone Hodge of the United States Marine Corps. He lived in London England and graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2000 with BA in English and Political Science. Terrence writes about any and everything. Terrence is planning a series of novels that are works of “faction” part factual (nonfiction) and partly fictional. He plans to bring a dual vision of American and European observation and opinions to PMA. He will bring blunt honesty with a sense of comedy. He says “I will write wherever I’m needed as I am  NOT a one trick pony.


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