Indie Artist: Joy Conaway & “Monsters” Release

IMG_0479-Edit-EditJoy Conaway is a songstress that can sang honey; her voice is nothing short of amazing and her lyrics are beautifully written and performed. As much as I love an upbeat song, I’ve been missing true love ballads with true singers. “Monsters” is Joy’s new single she’s releasing and she’s left us a sneak peak of her new song.Over the last year, Conaway has been doing bgv’s (background vocals) for Raury, an incredible artist out of Atlanta and now she’s releasing her voice to the public. We had a sweet convo with Ms. Conaway and we are loving her even more.


PMA:  Tell us about Joy Conaway as an artist and what this release means to you.

JC: The point of my artistry is to bring a little more sunshine to brighten ones day; I feed off of positive vibes.  Music has always been my first love and passion. Music is a way to connect, uplift and impact those around me without speaking with words. For my personal artistry, I chose to use a sunflower as my visual. The meaning for the sunflower signifies faith, happiness, longevity, vitality…. etc. I want ALL of these things for my audience. I love creating and sharing my light, by any means necessary… I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

PMA: Where can readers hear more of your music?

JC: Everyone can find my music on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

PMA: What’s next for Joy Conaway:

JC: What’s next for me? LOTS of musical stuff! First big thing is “Monsters” will be released October 31st written by: Doug Whatley of the Whatleys and produced by Prem Midha; together the two form “The Gigbots.” Second big thing is working on an EP that I’ll be releasing before the end of the year. 

There are too many artist that aren’t receiving recognition for their beautiful artistry. We wanted to highlight this gem and allow you to see what you’re missing in the Atlanta indie artist scene. Here’s our beautiful sunflower Joy Conaway Website Visit her site and show some love and LISTEN to “Monsters”


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