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Internet Fashion Acquisition

We can all recall a moment in which, we asked one of our closest friends, or maybe even a perfect stranger, “OMG Where did you buy that?” Some of us are gravely disappointed when the reply is the internet. This week I am addressing internet shopping because it is one of the biggest outlets for great fashion; this article is going to give you the basic steps on how to do it safely.

The internet which we often see as WWW literally gives you access to the whole world. You can do everything from accessing distributors of your favorite stores and buying wholesale discontinued products to finding websites that resale wholesale products. Beware the internet is full of discount designer apparel as well, but it is also full of some of the world’s best knock offs. If that is okay with you by all means the internet if your oyster, but for those of you who are designer connoisseurs such as myself there are ways to ensure that your product is real.

Step 1: never purchase anything from a website that doesn’t back its sellers. Many of the best wholesale websites have merchandise that is actually hosted through small shops and wholesalers. This is great for you because you can find some of the best deals here! But, be careful the website needs to back and guarantee that you are getting exactly what the seller is advertising. If the product is vague then ask more questions to solidify authenticity if that is a concern. Some good questions would be: What is the serial number and does it come with the existing warranty? Also ask if that paperwork will be sent along with the bag.

Step 2: never purchase anything that does not occur in a secured window (a small lock will appear in the web address box when banking information is exchanged) if the webpage is not secure, ask the seller if you can use PayPal. PayPal allows you to make transactions all over the world while still ensuring the safety of your banking information. It is also a great way to have a paper trail. It allows for you to see the purchase on the site that you purchased on as well as you personal account within PayPal.

Step 3: Always READ!! This is the fastest way to get swindled and conned over the internet. Read anything and everything the seller has written and try to stay away from final sales unless you have already established a relationship with the seller.

Step 4: Bidding Websites can be your best friend especially if you are looking to try new things or buy in bulk. Remember always test the seller. Try asking for a lower price to see if they will bite often they will as long as they still turn a profit.

Now that you know the basics of internet shopping below I have listed a few sites for you to start with!!!






Happy Shopping

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