Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy “16” Review

Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy “16” Review

Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy "16"
Jamie Ray’s song featuring NBA Youngboy “16” is a dope kickback appropriate record. Out here in Atlanta, we are the known for riding with bangin’ ass beats, catchy lyrics, and flossing. Jamie Ray is a Florida boy repping ATL vibe music perfectly with his collab with NBA Youngboy.  I haven’t listened to much NBA Youngboy so this listening experience would be a clean slate listen. I love this song, I just jigged the entire song. I was able to practice my Milly rock and everything! 

Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy "16"

Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy "16"I listened twice and each time, I bounced my head and tapped my feet enjoying a familiar yet different sound. The hook is catchy as hell and the lyrics are dope. Ray raps about ambition and taking what he needs to get what he wants. My fave line is bitch I’m poppin’/ chunky pockets… this line is so different than I’ve heard before. Rappers tend to always say the same lines about stackin’ money, getting gwap, and whatever other money stacking metaphors you can think of. Ray delivered a different line, I appreciated it. 

Jamie has come out strong in my opinion and NBA Youngboy gives passion behind his catchy flow. I would love to hear more tracks to grasps his style altogether but a great start to opening my musical selection. 

Overall, I’d give the song a 4/5 for me. This one song did make me go and find the project Castles in the Sky which brought me closer to understanding and further enjoying Jamie Ray. I would recommend taking a listen to the mixtape and just trying to listen to something different than what is already out. It’s a chill mixtape from the songs that I’ve listened to. 

Watch the “16” Video:

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