Jaslyn’s First Trip to Meet Santa

Jaslyn's First Trip to Meet Santa

Christmas is always a joyous occasion in my home and this is Jaslyn’s first trip to meet Santa at Bass Pro Shop at Sugarloaf Mills mall! Bass Pro  was lit with beautiful babies and cute kids! The Santa Workshop included activity tables, shooting electronic games, and Santa willing to smile with app the children.

The room was filled with homely smells of roasted nuts, chocolate, and Christmas. Every customer with their little one worked together to keep the children safe and together even if they didn’t come together. You could tell it was a community of families just trying to give their kids the best they have.

Jaslyn's First Trip to Meet Santa

There were LEGO’s, markers and pictures, and Santa. Jaslyn ran around until she grew bored of the tables.

Jaslyn was able to get out of the house (you all know she doesn’t go to daycare) and she was able to interact with other children.

She let me slay some ponytails!

Not enough toddler friendly games and activities.

The wait for Santa was 4 hours! Due to the lack of patience, Jaslyn was about to go to Kids Up in Suwanee!

The Santa wait was so long but the interaction was minimal! She sat on his lap, they smiled, he handed her a candy cane and it was ended in a literal 60 seconds. What happened to what do you want for Christmas?

Either way, I have a great day and my daughter smiled so hard and wide. I live to see that smile! Tell me what you are doing for your babies holiday?


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