How Jeju Spa Saved My Attitude

How Jeju Spa Saved My Attitude

How jeju Spa Saved My Attitude

Jeju Spa and Wellness saved my attitude this weekend giving me back the zen I need. I relaxed in all my nakedness embracing Jasmine and all the other naked women in the wet room. I let my fears go the moment I noticed no one else had fear. We all sat in the jacuzzi relaxing shredding whatever BS we brought in with us.

How jeju Saved My Attitude

Right off the bat, I came to the realization that kid-free, a little extra cash, and a spa was going to be great for me. I made the conscious decision that I would make sure I left out of the place feeling like Beyoncé and dammit if I didn’t walk out like I was Beyoncé and even smiled when I paid for it. $120 isn’t even bad for a body shampoo with a French Collagen mask and massage! Like seriously… I was in heaven.

How jeju Spa Saved My AttitudeOriginally valued at $150 but Jesus blessed me with a sale! Can I get an amen? AMEN! Anywho, I utilized the steam room and struggled to breathe at first. I followed suite in getting ice and putting it in my towel breathing and cooling off. Jeju equips the steam room with stone seats… I sat as close to the door as possible sitting naked with my new spa friend. We talked about parenting, Jaslyn, her kids, and the nudist philosophy! However, we concluded that most moms liked being nude and free! This was a kids free, NO judgment zone and freak yes I stayed for 3 hours! (Yes, I did see little girls with their mom but I need it to be a baby FREE zone).

I wanted to stay longer but my company wasn’t quite as comfortable! He was a he and sometimes he’s are immature or not as confident as SHE’S. Get it? Got it? Gooooood. The body shampoo French mask package was amazing! They literally flip you forward and backward scrubbing all the dirt you don’t even know you havveeee shampooing your entire body, butt cheeks and all! They douse you in warm water which was my favorite part apart from the rub down!

I would suggest this to any OPEN minded women! Because outside of the wet room are other amazing saunas to explore. I didn’t get to any of them because I was submerged in the culture of relaxation but next time! More hours and more exploration.

How jeju Spa Saved My Attitude

Make sure you are adding a day dedicated to you. It’s hard but worth it. Visit to get your treatment. No, this isn’t an ad shawty I sincerely enjoyed me. Peacefully without interruption after make some duckets from a tutorial so go Jas!

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