Joy Conaway “Monsters” Review

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The beauty of listening to one song and stumbling upon tears and understanding is something that can never be measured as a creative soul. “Monsters” by Joy Conaway did just that to me November 4, 2015 while continuously listening over a lunch period of an hour. The voice that sings these words, “I had to fight Monsters to get here to you,” didn’t even know what she was doing singing a truth, but gosh she sure guided my heart to write this review.

This review will not be anything we normally see from an indie artist review like usual. I couldn’t just listen, take notes, and dismiss her thoughts throughout this song.  I had listen, take notes, reflect, and live through her lyrics. The song deserves 5 stars; her voice is strong, honest, and caring. The acoustics are amazing. Production-Awesome. The message—priceless.

joy monsters challenge

The bottom line is we aren’t fighting for the love we want; we are content with mediocrity in all aspects of our lives. We will settle, hurt ourselves being “strong” by loving the next person that decides to give us attention. We forego the one who gives our spirit something more; bliss, for temporary satisfaction.  We will know this person isn’t for us; we know we don’t deserve to suffer inside our hearts, but things (villains, ourselves, Monsters) jump in our way and we give it up. We should fight through the battles to come out on top.  We should fight through our personal issues with self, home life, and then transfer the love we’re seeking into positive love, but we give up.

Joy Conaway seeks to bring pure happiness and love with her music; with her single “Monsters,” it’s perfectly accomplished. It isn’t about today’s love, it’s about the unconditional love; about discovering what we have to accomplish as individuals within our love lives, about looking toward to what heals the heart and soul to arrive at that big field of sunflowers and sunshine. Not once have I heard that love, marriage, and relationships were easy and yes, they can come with necessary and unnecessary monsters but it is up to us to first decide to be happy. We have to choose life and acceptance. “Monsters” turned out to be a testimony for some and inspiration to others. For this pregnant woman, it inspires me to say this: wherever you are love of my life, I love you and I will fight Monsters to get to you; IF you will open up to fight with me.

Here’s the song “Monsters”:

I hope you enjoyed it.

5/5 Stars


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