July Affirmations

July AffirmationsJuly Affirmations

July is here and we are embracing what is to be in our lives. Affirmations are wonderful self-growth tool that help keep us in the light during all times. They are personal mantras that are constructed to keep you up when you are down or just in everyday setting. It is to banish any and all negative thinking and to feed the core of a person with positive speak.

Consciously or subconsciously, the power of affirmations can help change mindsets, habits, and behaviors. July’s affirmations are here to encourage you for the rest of the year.


I embrace success. The words “I can’t” are not in my vocabulary.

I refuse to believe in excuses. I am unstoppable!

I am the calm in my storm; I conquer conflict. I am bigger than conflict.

I radiate love, joy, & gratitude today. Life is too short to dwell on negativity. I am gone with the win fabulous and I strut, not just walk!

I am the only person to impress. I have nothing to prove. I accept who I am.

I am FREE to create, mother, teach, and live my own reality.

My standards are HIGH. I release unnecessary attachments.

No one or thing will hold me back.

I am the creator of my new space and I choose to clear out the spot!


July serves as a continuance of pursuing the dreams that are set by us at the beginning of the year. We are one more month closer to our destiny. I must jump on all my affairs and make sure that I work toward my goals every day.

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