July is Dedicated to All Mothers on PMA

uly is Dedicated to All Mothers on PMA Milfin’ it, Milkin’ it, & Mommyin’ it:

July is Dedicated to All Mothers on PMA

July is dedicated to mothers on PMA! These dynamic mothers are entrepreneurs, hard workers, stay at home moms, and 9-5 workers who grind by day, mother 100% of the time, and deserve a little recognition.  

Each blog entry will host the mother, the struggle, the balance, and the plan to incorporate more self-care in their lives. Mothers rarely complain as they know that they chose to be mothers, however, they want to share their journey to get to the next place in their journey.

Each of these women are gorgeous on the inside and the outside. These extraordinary mothers take their journey’s with tears streaming down their faces, places their children on the highest pedestal for care, and brilliantly continue to be live out their dreams. Every setback is fuel to beast this shit called life and make it look like ain’t a damn thing wrong. These qualities make children grow up and appreciate the hard work and sacrifices made on their behalf.

Each mom will have a title that will describe them and they will be able to tell their story. Readers will get a glimpse at these women to the core and we will celebrate their efforts and encourage them for better.

Spring Break 2018: PCB & Jaslyn

Please take a time to read, get encouraged, and uplift these mothers. We’d appreciate it.

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