6 Months into 2017: June Affirmation

June Affirmations6 Months into 2017: June Affirmation

Congrats, you’ve made it 6 months into 2017. That’s fabulous, so let’s sit together and recap on these last couple of months.

What have you accomplished goal wise? What is the next path in your journey? Have you been able to save any money? If some answers are yes and some are no, you are having a great start to the year. Let’s relax and say these affirmations aloud:

  1.  I will accomplish all my goals!
  2. I will be on top financially by the end of 2017!
  3. I will continuously work to maintain peace and balance in my life.
  4. There is no such thing as a bad day only bad moments.
  5. I am great.
  6. I made it 6 months and I will make it 6 more!
  7. Work hard, treat myself, and Stay Fabulous
  8. Nothing or no one can stop me.
  9. If I take a step back, I will progress two more steps ahead.
  10. I am in control!
  11. I will accept what I cannot change and proceed forward with the next plan.
  12. Eat, Pray, & Love the shit out of my man.
  13. I Love the shit out of Me.
  14. There is no obstacle I cannot solve within a reasonable measure.
  15. I am more than capable of running a business, writing a book, or being a mother! I am the star. (Substitute any of the 3 underlined)

Repeat these aloud in the privacy of your own space. It’s imperative to make sure you remind yourself of how important and valuable you are in life. Also, it’s important to push forward to accomplish any goals you set for yourself. There are some tough days and let me tell you, I felt barely equipped to make it these 6 months. But I did! Speak Life. Make sure you accomplish your goals.

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