How To Keep Pushing When Times Are Sh*tty

How toPush THROUGHWhen Life is Sh-ttyHow to Push Through When Times Are Sh*tty

No one told us that our early 20’s wouldn’t be guns and roses; this shit is hard. We were coddled and trained up that we will be whatever we wanted to be if we went to college and worked hard. Well, I’m 27 with a BA in Broadcast Journalism, minor in English and a MA in English Concentration in Creative Fiction and I am poor as hell. What we needed was a few guidelines on how to survive our roaring 20’s; However, times have changed and the economy is sh*t. Our president cares more about his Twitter feed than us. So what now? We learn coping skills and we learn that it’s OK NOT TO BE OK. 

The most important thing to remember is that it is ok not to be ok. You don’t have to be freaking super girl or super man all the time. Bills and savings are stressful as hell and it can make you down. You must know that when you are down that you can take a break, rest, go for a walk to clear your mind, or exercise to get the endorphins moving. Don’t try to keep all the anguish and anger in because you won’t be able to keep that up for much longer. Speak to someone if you need help. Furthermore, come up with a kick ass plan to fix your life. 

Be open to making real life changes that will assist your stress levels. This can mean quitting your job for a better position, getting another job, or a side hustle. It can be a saving and budget that can help in he financial department. Make time to date, if you are in need of love in your life or hell, just a regular cut buddy. Make adjustments; it is YOUR life and only you can change it. It is okay if things have changed in your everyday and you owe no one an explanation. 

How do you push through during shitty times? DON’T Quit. Don’t let the negativity, the stress, and the naysayers win. There’s no way to avoid the inevitable about bettering your life so don’t punk out and quit. Quitting is the easy way out. 

If it is more than just stress SEEK HELP. Your life matter regardless of what you think? 

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