Kloset Envy and Their Boss Ass Garterbelt Bathing Suits

Kloset Envy and their boss ass garter belt bathing suits are out! This season with everyone worried about health and wealth, these cute bathing suits will kill the pool and beach scene.

My favorite thing about Kloset Envy is that Jai Nice is always original and this time she added a MF’n 1x! This opens up curvy girl fashion and honey if you purchase you will have those cheeks out.

Listen, it’s not always a gamble that you will find a plus size option to a store that primarily caters to smaller size women. For this reason alone, I love it. The bathing suit is $75.

Garter belts are the ultimate symbol of sexy and these bathing suits look great on thick and slim women! I really want y’all to check them out!

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