Labor Day 2018!

Labor Day 2018 is here with plenty of fun things to do! 

Get ready for BBQ, beer, family, and a freaking day off! That’s if you’re lucky enough. The weekend had so much going on like Dragon Con, Luda Day Weekend, and House in the Park at Grant Park. If you were anything like my clan, you went somewhere. 

We visited the AJC Decatur Book Festival in downtown Decatur. It was a nice time with very warm weather. My daughter rode the MARTA for the first time and it felt good to pass on the tradition! 

Labor Day 2018

However, if you want the same amount of action I’d suggest visiting dropping by the last day of the Dragon Con. Cosplay is fun and it only happens for four days! Go out and dress up. 

Labor Day 2018

Up for a run? The Big Peach Sizzler 10K is tomorrow for Labor Day! The race supports Cystic Fibrosis! Go out and enjoy a run! 

Adventure Air Sports has a deal for you and the whole family! Let those babies run around, jumping on trampolines, and getting tired. I would say jump in for your own cardio as well. 


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