Learning to Contour and Highlight

Contour and Highlight

Learning to Contour and Highlight

Hey PMA Fashionistas!

I love a good beat, but chile with a 10-month-old and a career as a hustler, author, blogger/mommy… you can’t always sit down in a chair orrrrrr cough up the funds needed to get the face beat down needed.

Now, I do have a bomb ass little sister who will set a beat up like pow, but I can’t keep bugging her. I decided that I was going to learn how to contour and highlight my face so that I could at least step it up a little bit.

Contour chart

I will say it was fun, but damn it, it was hard to me. I had to practice a couple times. I wanted to share my journey with you. I need help with beauty blending! Like crazy.  Tell me what you think?! Blending more, any other tips for a beginner, and lastly, make sure you let me know via comment section.

Here’s the video that I watched when my sister wasn’t around:

This video was so easy to understand and mimic as she contoured and highlighted her face. I was able to have a more successfully beat after watching her! Utilizing the materials she used, I was able to blend my makeup better than I did the first time. Chile, you can’t even see the picture from the first time I attempted blending. It was a hot mess.

I looked at that the results and realized that I was adding too much highlighter and not putting enough color back into my face which made me look ashy. Who wants to look ashy?

I want to have this down before Christmas so I can be beat and complete for Jaslyn’s (my daughter) first Christmas. Pictures are coming soon. I’ll update the blog once I have more pictures.

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