“Let You Go” by Siergio

Siergio-(3-of-3) (1)“Let You Go” by Siergio

Editor’s choice: “Let  You Go” by Siergio, Produced by DJ Cool

I love me some good music and every time I turn around Siergio is all over Atlanta making great music that I can sing and sway to. Siergio is handsome himself, but at this point, he’s serenading the ladies because he hates to let you go! The seductive lyrics with the soulful voice makes you forget he wants to please every sense you have. How many of my ladies want your man to tell you he wants to please you and he doesn’t want you to go because he hates it? All of y’all!

DJ Cool produced the track that Siergio is slaying; big ups the producers that are making these ATL Sangers hits. Want more of Siergio? His project “Songs for the Jeep” drops January 2nd and we are excited for him.


Listen to “Let You Go” by Siergio here:

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