Life as Junnie Brown Web series

Life as Junnie Brown Web series

Junnie BrownLife as Junnie Brown is a web series that caught my eye for more than just one reason. It is drama-filled, authentic to the viewers, and written, produced, and directed by a black woman named Niema Graham. The melanin in this web-based movie is poppin’ and  literally giving Atlanta actors a chance to be in a local production by a queen with a vision. Pardon My Audacity had a chance to sit down with Ms. Graham and get the inside scoop.

PMA: Tell the readers what Life As Junnie Brown is all about.

NG: Well, if you’re a real Junnie B fan, then you know that Life As Junnie Brown the movie, is based on a young woman who is career driven and decides to try the dating scene. Little does she know, she will meet a man named Kurtis who’s interested in her, but has a sticky situation of his own. Meanwhile, Junnie has no idea of what she’s up against when it comes to the mother of his child, Paige. You see that Kurtis is unsure of who he wants to be with. He constantly questions himself on being a family man to Paige and the right man for Junnie. As you watch Season 1 episode 1, it opens up with taking an inside look of Kurtis and Paige’s home life. As the season continues, the viewers get the chance to meet new faces and watch the other character’s lives unfold alongside Junnie’s life.

Junnie Brown

PMA: Where did the concept come from and what made you start filming it?

NG: That’s easy, the concept simply came from my own personal experiences with different men that I have dated from the past. I wanted to tell stories in a manner that was fair for everyone, meaning telling my stories without guy bashing which was very easy to do. You don’t have to go around bashing guys and starting hate mobs to get your views up. I just wanted to be relatable and to use myself as a platform of being transparent with my viewers.
PMA: So you write, produce, and direct the entire series, when you were thinking of this idea, what made you take on all those major positions?

NG: I honestly didn’t realize what I was getting into while I was writing this series. I was just focused on writing the stories in the back of my mind. I wasn’t thinking about any of the positions mainly because these are the things that I’ve always done. The difference is this time around I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could really fit the shoes of a show runner and most importantly that I finish what I started.
PMA: What inspires your creative direction with this series?

NG: What inspires the creative direction is I always wanted to create and tell stories. To be honest with you, Junnie B was taken further after the movie because that is what the people wanted. The audience wanted more of Junnie Brown and that’s what they got from me. What inspires me is to always continue to create and as long as I can create, the possibilities are endless.

junnie brown creator
PMA: What’s next for you Niema? A second season? A movie? Where can we see and find out about your next ventures?

NG: Welp! If the viewers want a season 2, then there will definitely be a season 2 to come. More material has already been written, of course, it’s all in what the people want. We are here to relate and entertain the people who always enjoys the content that we put out. Besides working on Life As Junnie Brown, I’m also working on a short film that will be released later this summer so stay tuned for that!! Also, I’m currently working on a new campaign line for the spring/summer collection, I’m also building my clientele for the photography, as well. We do events of all sorts from weddings, baby showers, graduation and more!! We are a growing start up business that’s working for the respect that we deserve in the world of creatives. Our goal is to be the power production house that is the jack of all trades; a renaissance company if you will. I could go on and on about the different ventures and ideas that I have set in place. All I can say is make sure you guys stay tuned and remember to always SUPPORT BLACK FILMMAKERS!!


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