Lifestyle Changes: Days 8-11

Hey My little Lifestyle changers! (Corny right?)  But heyyy, that’s what you are! Here is my Monday-Thursday update. I will tell you my meals and my exercise and even tell you how much I lost if any. But before that I will tell you some tips I learned this week alone:

Tip 1: Starvation does NOT work

Tip 2: Sleep Matters night owls!

Tip 3: Eating 5 or 6 times a day is the best for you to avoid hunger and increase protein levels.

Tip 4: Switching up foods and trying new things are KEY!

Tip 5: MUSCLE CONFUSION! You burrrrn MUCH MORE calories

Monday, June 25, 2012:

Bf: Carrots, celery&cheese- 200 calories Protein: 10g

Lunch: 1 hotdog chopped up, 1 hot dog on bun, chunks of pineapples (weird, yes, but shrug). The whole meal was 387 calories

Dinner: Taco salad: Ground turkey, lettuce, tomatos, sour cream, fresh salsa and my treat Coke Zero

Exercise: 340 Crunches (Not only regular. Make sure to hit every part of the ab, top, bottom, sides)

6 reps of arm work, calve, side leg raises, kickbacks for the glutes!

Tues, June 26, 2012:

Bf: Protein drink-Mango, carrots, banana (nasty but provides protein) and 2 slices of Turkey bacon

Protein for this meal alone: 44g

Lunch: 1 serving of tuna with 1 egg and lettuce and 1 pickle with chunks of pineapple

Protein: 10g

Snack: Nature Valley Protein bar (Peanut butter dark choc) Protein: 10g

Dinner: 4 baked chicken wings, cup of idaho buttery mash potato, spinach

Water: 13 cups

Exercise: 1 mile walk, 20 minute walk inside of Walmart (It counts ppl… power walk as you shop) and Zumba on Xbox for 1 hour

Total protein: 74g

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bf: 1 small box of Honey Nut Cheerios, 1 cup of skim milk, 1 medium sized banana

Protein: 11g

Snack: Nature Valley Oats N Honey

Protein: 4g

Lunch: Boca meatless soy protein burger

whole wheat slim bun

raw pineapples

Protein: 22g

Snack: Protein PNB dark Choc.

Protein: 10g

Protein total: 75

Exercise: Zumba 60 mins, Walked 2 miles moderate pace. 14 sets of 20 abs, 2 sets of 10 front dumbbell, 2 sets of 10 side leg lifts, 1 set of 10 kick backs and calves

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bf: 1/2 banana and 1/2 box of Cheerios

Snack:Nature Valley Oats n Honey

Lunch: Turkey burger with whole wheat slim bun, smart balance mayo,

Dinner: Turkey burger with whole wheat slim bun, smart balance mayo, cheese, chex mix

Protein: 28g


I lost 4 pounds so far guys! Yesss, it’s not an easy thing to do but guess what? I’m doing the damn thing. I will be back to document Friday-Sunday. Friday is my free day from food and exercise but I will be going grocery shopping so hopefully I will picture of my food.


Guys get some 64 oz bottles for your water. Get a jump rope. Some dumbbells. A sweat suit. A notebook to document your food and exercise and a great attitude.



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3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes: Days 8-11

      1. ameliarojas

        Well keep up the good work! I don’t eat a thing passed 8pm, so I make sure I eat diner before 8pm…It gets tricky because many people want to go out for diner in the evenings, but people that know me, know that I eat early…:)

        Your dedication & determination is admirable


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