Lifestyle Changes on my first Holiday!

Hey loves! As you all know yesterday was the 4th of July and of course I wanted some grilled ribs, chicken, burgers, hot dogs with a side of potato salad and some beans. HOWEVER, I am committed to changing my lifestyle. I want to be the best me that I can be because I am only 22 years old and I already think I’m absolutely gorgeous but I’m not healthy. I want to make myself the BEST Jasmine possible.

So in light of everything, I was determined to live my life like a “normal” 22 year old woman would with great food, an 8 oz cup of Blueberry 1800 Tequila, and some mouth-watering food. I took a Walmart adventure at AM and decided my first holiday without all the food I love.


For breakfast: I made 2 slices of Turkey bacon and a Thomas whole grain bagel with low fat cream cheese. This meal was absolutely delicious and fulfilling. My best friend JJ came over to celebrate with my gorgeous God son and she bought the Blueberry 1800 Tequila. Yessssss, after realizing that 8 oz was going to be 552 calories I decided to put it on the menu since it was a holiday. But I had a plan which I will get into later.

Snack: My snack was a Del Monte Fruit chiller tube. It’s fruit sorbet and it’s delicious.

Dinner: My dinner was absolutely to DIEEEEE for! I cheffed it up! I made (yes, I have pictures) baked chicken smothered in gravy, brown rice, and cabbage. It was the besssstttt healthy meal and it was only 483 calories!!!! Pure BLISSSSSS I tell you.

I was down a lot of calories after my drink, but I knew I was going to killllllll the calories. First off, I been working out two times a day Monday-Wednesday so this morning I did 30 minutes of Zumba which burned 332 calories. After I ate lunch and devoured my Tequila I only had 883 calories left for the day right? Well, I whipped out my secret fat burning/kill-your-life/sure fire way to lose weight… INSANITY WORKOUT. After 40 minutes of  dying and circuit training, I successfully burned 737 calories which added to my 883 taking me back to 1600+ Sooooo guys, my plan worked and I got to eat great, drink great, and have a wonderful first holiday with my lifestyle changes. It’s always great to plan.

If you want to track your weight, calorie intake, and foods electronically you NEEEEDDDD It will do miracles in your life. Being that I ADORE apps  on my smartphone it is definitely a tool to use. It’s just like if you use Twitter or Fb. Utilize it people. I also did my 320 crunches, glute/legs/ and arms. Soooo hey, your girl was not slipping.

Be the change you want to see. Love you guys.

 The dinner I made! Yum.

 After Insanity- Day 3!

 First time making cabbage! Includes: onions and peppers with olive oil.

Be creative with your lifestyle change.

“Love, Peace, and Poetry…1”



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