Listen, My Daughter is One going on Ten!

My daughter is one going on TenListen, My Daughter is One Going on Ten!

Now listen, my daughter turned one-year-old February 6th, but chile now I feel like this little girl is going on ten! She rolls her eyes slightly (slightly because she doesn’t know what she’s trying to do lol), walks around the house spouting out MINE, and my favorite is calling her daddy bae (yes, she’s mocking my ‘babe’ that I call him).

They say that whatever you gave your parents you will get back. But Traci told me that I was a sweet child. Now, today is a different story. But they didn’t say she’s going to give you what you giving out in your current age. Having a little baby girl was so exciting and now I’m like you are frightening me and I need to grasp reality.

Being a mother is such a hard job, but I will promise you one thing: patience will set you free. My daughter does some of everything with those little chunky thighs and her little bigger than life attitude. I often take a deep breath and calm myself. Not that I’m a lunatic screaming at my kid but I find myself in the middle of a babble conversation with MY child. I pull myself together quickly and say wait a minute! LOL.  

Whatever you do as a parent, make sure that you are up and running around with your children. Make sure that you have activities with your children because they have so much energy. You must get rid of it because they are on a mission to take you out. OK, OK drastic, but sometimes after working two jobs, blogging, dealing with her father, and resting my brain… I feel under attack so I know you do too. God bless a mother of more than one.

Hey, my daughter needs friends, but I am NOT having anymore any time SOON. Have any funny mommy tales? Spill the tea here. We all need to talk and connect!

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