London, The More Sophisticated New York

Cowboys Takeover LondonWhen my editor and I came up with this title it was by “accident.”  Ms. Jackson has never been to my beloved adopted home town of London. In trying to figure out the best way to describe the beauty and culture that is London, I said, “It’s a more cultural and sophisticated London.” To that she responded, “I love that, you’re going to write that.” She was right, I would but there were so many things I wanted to tie in. For instance, my Dallas Cowboys are here now, and Marsha Ambrosius wrote a song called Streets of London, I wanted to take pictures all over London and set them to “Streets Of London.” I’ve had things blocked on Facebook and YouTube because of copyright infringement.
To head that off at the pass, I asked the lovely and talented Marsha Ambrosius and her simply reply was “Do It,” and so we did exactly just that.  There is no shade towards NY; I met the love of my life there. I just happen to fancy London more, and hopefully after this piece, you will understand why and it will prompt you to visit yourself.
I’ve lived in both places. When I lived in New York, crime was a problem. At no point of my living in London has there been any crime to speak of. Manhattan is the jewel of the east coast. London is the gem of England. New York can trace it’s roots back to 1624. London traces it’s roots back to 121 when it was named Londinium by the Romans, who were the last people to ever conquer England (or Great Britain). Tourist flock to New York to see: The Statue of Liberty (a gift from France), the Empire State Building, Time Square, and sadly the museum where the Twin Towers were. When in London, there’s the Eye of London, The Tower of London, The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
The two cities have a great deal in common and  it wasn’t by coincidence (that doesn’t exist.) New York is obviously an homage to York, England. I love New York, just not like the way I love London. New York is like the fun girl you want to spend a wild weekend with, London is the woman you want to settle down and marry. London isn’t just beautiful, it’s the birthplace of so many geniuses., Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. It has Oxford University and it’s the birthplace of the world’s smartest human Stephen Hawking (admittedly Oxford is in the county of London but not the city.)
Perhaps Samuel Jackson said it best in (1777) when he stated: “You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
Arriving in London gives one a sense of security you could never have anywhere in the United States. It’s call CCTV, in short for every 14 people there is Big Brother watching you.  Knowing that there is a camera watching you gives you a sense of security. The boat rides on the Thames, riding hover crafts across the English Channel to go to France, You can get into some type of boat and cross the Hudson River you will get to see Manhattan’s amazing skyline, and of course journey into New Jersey.
Tell me one thing that New York has that London doesn’t…The main reason American sports (with the exception of boxing) hasn’t nor will they ever become popular in the UK is: They have their football (soccer), golf (which they invented), and they’re quite happy with them. Sure when football (American) comes to Wembley Stadium, it’s sold out because its an novelty. If you tried to book a season here, there are enough Americans to attend the games. However, if there is a hope that the British will be all in; don’t waste  your money. This is a great pallor trick but to sustain a football team whilst English Premiere Soccer arrives the NFL will lose money.
It was great having my Cowboys home and knowing that they wanted a win, I’d like to think the my having no voice was a perfect, Dallas won today, and all is right in the universe…
Photo cred: Derrick, TK Hodge, Alejandro Ashley, and Marsha Ambrosius.

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