London’s Pedisoaks Foot Care

London's Pedisoaks Foot CareLondon’s Pedisoaks Foot Care

London’s Pedisoaks Foot Care has PMA rooting for all things foot care and feet pampering. We are always on them bad boys with luxurious heels that it’s only right that we put them up, massage, them and let London’s Pedisoaks Foot Care step up and show out! PMA had a chance to sit down and really get the  on this hot Black Owned Business.

PMA: Tell readers about London’s Pedisoaks Foot Care and the products/services available for Clients.

LPS: We created a truly natural 3-step foot care regimen. Our products are made with non-toxic, highly effective ingredients. Our handcrafted, cruelty-free foot care products are made in micro batches to ensure the best quality and freshness. We offer three subscriptions for customers who want exclusive benefits and savings.

What is a pedisoak? It simply means foot soak. We refer to our foot milk, foot salts and original foot soaks all as “pedisoaks”.

We nurture & emphasize the importance of healthy & happy feet, especially since feet are extremely important to our overall well-being. London’s Pedisoaks is Veteran-owned producing American-made foot care products with purposeful ingredients. We do not use any filler ingredients in our made-from-scratch recipes.

We believe, “Happy feet. Happy life.”

 London Pedisoaks foot Care

CEO of London Pedisoaks foot Care Chris Loney

PMA: I’ve heard about the amazing Milk & Footsies foot milk that you guys sell out of. Tell readers all about and what effects it has on the feet.

LPS: Our foot milk is pure bliss. It is clarifying and moisturizing to your feet. Plus, it is a great exfoliator. It has ingredients like Coconut Milk, Fruit acids and Avocado butter.  Oh and the best part is it smells like cookies. Be sure not to eat it, even though it is technically edible.

PMA: The Seaing Green Foot Masque was recently on Flash Sale at amazing prices. Tell me readers about the ingredients and what it helps on the feet?

LPS: Great question! Our Seaing Green Foot Masque was on Flash Sale, because we now showcase a vegan recipe. We were simply getting rid of our non-vegan inventory. We still have a couple left up for grabs! Available via our website.

PMA: What would you suggest for women with dead skin and calluses?

London's Pedisoaks Foot Care

LPS: To make your feet the happiest, we recommend a 3 Step Regimen. For dead skin & calluses we suggest the Moisturizing Foot Soak, Foot Polish and our nourishing three butter blend Foot Butter. Plus, we have a lovely Healing Salve (Food for the Sole) that softens rough skin. We have two popular giftsets that will make dry feet with calluses happy, either our Bestseller Giftsets or Try Me Trio Set.

PMA: What’s next for London’s Pedisoaks Foot care? Where can readers catch you to purchase product?

London's Pedisoaks Foot CareLPS: We have several upcoming opportunities. We were picked up by DECOVO and will be featured on their website in April. Also, we are being featured in two subscription boxes in May 2017. One of them is internationally-based which is exciting. We will be attending one of the biggest beauty expos in NYC this August. We are very excited with all that is happening for us!

For my PMA Powerhouses, you need to make sure you utilize this pedisoak option for these feet! It’s a MUST. Happy Feet, Happy Life!

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