Where is the Love? Sex After Babies

Where is the love?Where is the Love? Sex After Babies

Where is the love, you ask? Tucked in nicely in their rooms! Sex after babies is an experience that is different for a lot of different women. But I’ll share mine briefly and some of my friends.

35 freaking hours of labor and one emergency c-section later left me pretty sore, tired, and very anxious for one nap. Leaving the hospital, we were both ready to be back into our own space and have our own bed. However, I listened carefully about waiting my 6 weeks because 35 hours of labor is enough birth control in my opinion.

One thing I learned is that sex is now almost penciled in whereas before it was spontaneous and damn near every night. But after the baby, I would be so exhausted from lack of sleep, feeding, and just coping with being a new mother. Sleep was nonexistent and sex just wasn’t on my mind especially breastfeeding and all the drama that comes with it.

Sex had to become a game for us again. We had to really push for the romance. There needed to be baths, massages, and sometimes quickies because of time issues, baby issues like colic, or exhaustion issues. After my leave from work was up, it was now working full time, tutor part-time, and be a mom. After that, I had to try and muster the strength to be a sex kitten and it was hard!

First, I started being health conscious and eating foods that would fuel me with energy. I began trying more water intake and taking B-12. My natural energy made my want for sex a heighten little more. The energy was key!

Second, we started texting and flirting again. Fun times is all I’m going to say.

Third, patience. It takes time being first time parents, young lovers, and full-time hustlers. Anywho, sex is still a task but it’s fun and exciting.

What are you willing to do for a bomb sex life after babies?  Every woman is different if you are like me make sure you try these things. Let us know some ideas.

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