Summer Beat: “Love Under The Sun” by Ramona

Social_5_SquareSummer Beat: “Love Under the Sun”

This summer has been good to the melanin girls everywhere! We are dominating fashion, ballet, the Olympics, and everything black fist worthy. But after a hard day, we need some relaxation, wine, and a gooooood song to jam out to. Her voice is authentic and the band behind her is necessary for a great play. It’s almost a song you listen to at a jazz concert. We had a chance to catch up with Ramona to talk business.


PMA: What inspired the song “Love Under The Sun”?
Ramona: It may sound silly, but I was inspired by the rain, it was pouring outside the day I wrote it. In that one moment, I just envisioned warmth, beauty, and love surrounding me.
PMA: What do you wish to give to your fans and listeners?
Ramona: I wish for my listeners to get in their feelings. Music is all about feeling and I think it is a beautiful experience to be in tune with your emotions. I want my fans to feel at home with my music. I like making people feel comfortable and what is more comfortable than freedom? Music sets me free.
PMA: What is coming up for Miss Ramona and her beautiful voice?
Ramona: Currently, I am working on the last pieces to complete my EP Rooting for the Underdog. Also, working on the music video for my newest single “When I Close My Eyes” which can be found on all major online retailers.
Ramona: Please connect with me on IG ,Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr-@RamonasSpot, website:

I hope you enjoy this dope song and leave comments below:


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    Yo this song speaks to me! Thank you for sharing this with us. One thing though: the interview is very difficult to read so will you please readjust the formatting? The whole thing is vertically aligned on the left side of the page. Not a good look. Thanks!


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