Yanni Brown: Making Love Better Twogether

Making Love Better Twogether

Attachment-1Yanni Brown is a woman with a plan; a plan to help restore real love in the lives of individuals seeking healthy relationships. PMA seek individuals with the same ideals that we have here. We are a blog that want to focus and rebuild relationships within our communities and Yanni Brown is the woman that we found who is out in these streets helping us out. We had a chance to sit down and speak with Miss Brown to figure out more about what she does.

PMA: Tell readers about who Yanni Brown is? What is your passion?

YB: Yanni Brown is a woman who believes in the presence and power of love. I’m a love of love and an advocate for healthy love. I also believe that it will take all of us coming twogether collectively to restore balance to LOVE. I am passionate about all things love related and I believe that love can saturate your soul, brighten someone’s day and refuel this cruel world if we just feared a lil less and loved a lil more.

PMA: What is your personal belief about finding true love?

YB: I believe that love is out there for all of us. We, however have to be open, available, willing and ready when love shows up in our lives. I also believe that you will discover love in your busy work. What’s busy work you may ask? Busy work is working on you! Discovering your passion, working in your purpose, being your true authentic self and being aware is when you will discover the awesome opportunities that come when love knocks at your door.

PMA: Where do you see the state of African American relationships today?

YB: Deep sigh! My heart aches for all relationships but especially for African American relationships. WE, unfortunately, are not being taught how to be in healthy relationships. Some of us have become completely comfortable in the dysfunction of what we think healthy relationships are and should be. The media has us focused on right now! Therefore, we’ve become this microwave society that accepts more than we should, tolerate more than we should and quit more now than ever. WE need more positive representation of what healthy love is, looks like and feel like. I think that’s why I wake up everyday with something positive to say about love because I’ve seen what good love can do and I guess I just want everyone to experience that feeling. Is it easy? Absolutely NOT. Is it worth it? YES, YES and YES!


PMA: I understand that your passion is making love better and you have services that you offer to assist people. Tell the readers what services you offer.

YB: We offer workshops for couples such at our very popular “Touch of Love” workshop. It’s designed to educate couples on the importance of verbal/non-verbal communication and it also provides them with ways to eat better and how those foods are better for them. This is one of our most popular workshops. We also have workshops just for women- Spontaneity & Spice which speaks to their sensual and sexy side. We also have “HerStory” which speaks to the woman, who she is and what does “SHE” want for herself. All of our workshops are designed with love to speak to love.

PMA: Are there any upcoming workshops for potential clients?

YB: What I love about our workshops is we do most of them in the privacy of our clients home with 10 or more of their friends. Someone once asked me why don’t you have video footage of your workshops and my reply is that I want our clients to feel free to be their authentic selves and share their feelings and or emotions without worrying about if a video will pop up somewhere.

PMA: What’s next for Yanni Brown Brand?

YB: What I’d like to do next is a television show or radio show where we are getting to the heart of what matters and where we are making love look good! I’d love to do a national tour of love!


Yanni is in the business of unifying love. This mission alone is a beautiful tasks and we want you all to utilize Ms. Yanni Brown in her mission. We must come together, not separating.


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