How Many Real Friends Do You Have?

How many real friends do you have? How Many Real Friends Do You Have?

How many real friends do you have? We are NOT throwing shade either. A good friend is hard to come by child and we are making sure that you are weeding out the ones who are unhealthy, messy, or not in your league.

Choose your friends like you plan your goals: hone in on what you want and check if they have what you need. Yes, it’s that serious. You need to make sure that this person you are going to tell your secrets to and confide in has your best interests at heart, is honest, will pray for you, and tell you when you need to get your life.

Do you need drama, fighting, lying? Probably not. Also, you must choose friends that are aiming for the top and even then, it gets tricky. Is there top the same as yours? If not, sorry we cannot possibly be friends. You want friends that will eventually reach those goals so they can motivate, encourage, and ignite positivity into your life. No slackers, laggers, moochers, and women with no work ethic.

Step it up and look around. Are you being a good friend? Check yourself and you will then be able to check those around you. Who is your real friends, honey?

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