March Affirmations: Entrepreneur Season

March AffirmationsMarch Affirmations: Entrepreneur Season 

In the spirit of entrepreneurship and bosses all over, March affirmations are to speak life into your business. Being positive is a way of life and though at times it’s hard, it’s best to feed that positivity that you are seeking!

This month is about making sure that the goals that you’ve set in January are starting to unfold and become what you want. There’s only one definite person that can make you push through and work it out. That person is YOU! What are you going to do about that? Recite these affirmations.

Starting a New Business Venture

  1. This business will be a successful venture because I am CAPABLE of running this business.
  2. My ideas are crisp and my determination is high. The spirit of laziness has fled!
  3. I have a great business plan.
    1. (Need a plan?) My business plan will be organized, well planned, and executed
    2. (Have a plan?) My plan is organized, I will research, update, and execute

Believe in Your Brand

  1. My brand is growing. I am putting in the work.
  2. My work will show results and I will increase my territory.
  3. My brand is professional, it’s dope, it’s mine! It will be a successful image

Speaking Life into Self for Business

  1. I am the architect of my life; I build this business and this brand and I choose the next venture.
  2. My mind is sharp, my hustle is on 1000, my heart is pumping strong—I am the boss.
  3. I am my boss.
  4. I have endless gifts that I have chosen to use every day to build my business.

Start setting time to talk with yourself. Get your thoughts together. Brainstorm on what’s the next step. Affirmations are little friendly reminders of shit you know but sometimes forget. Stress doesn’t need to permeate in your body, it doesn’t belong in you. We are coming for the W in 2017 and these affirmations are a start to something really great transitioning in your life. Respect, love, and Peace.

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