May Affirmations: Focusing on YOU!

May AffirmationsMay’s Affirmations: Focusing on YOU

May is the month of self-revolving focus and affirmations. I preach so often to take care of yourself, but I ended up neglecting myself shortly after. I seriously never thought of taking care of my mind and heart by speaking positively into my life. I didn’t grasp the concept that there is power in words and the tongue until I reached my current age.

I wanted to present May’s affirmation with some personal love and peace to you for whatever you are going through. We appreciate the struggle and the triumphs.


Power is in my Mind

  1. I am strong-willed and have a strong mind. Positivity comes from me.
  2. My thinking will be positive as my words will be.
  3. I will think of my success and continue to climb the ladder.
  4. I will be humble in my success but recognize my worth.

Power is in my Mouth

  1. I will speak positivity and love to receive the same in return.
  2. I will speak power and humility over my life.
  3. I am a financially stable, responsible adult with no fears.
  4. I am not fearful because once everything fear passes there’s a happier existence. I choose life.

Power in Confidence

  1. I am a work in progress but my best is always given.
  2. I am a grand slam; educated, gorgeous, and absolutely no shame of my body.
  3. I am hips, ass, and an attitude.
  4. I am culture, confidence, and charisma.

May is the month to appreciate all things YOU. To embrace the struggles and to find some happy endings. It is well deserved and much obliged. Seriously though, as black women, we are up against white, black, blue, orange, and green people who have an outside opinion of what we believe in or what we do. It is not fair to live by those standards. Make sure you are living for you and we will continue to support you.

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