May I Suggest Journaling?

JournalingMay I suggest Journaling?

I know it sounds corny, but may I suggest journaling in your adult years? Just hear me out, life is tough in your late 20’s, early 30’s! Things begin to alter and you begin to realize you are on your own unless you’re in a great relationship, but even then, you can feel several things but have no way to express yourself.

May I suggest journaling? Get yourself in a habit of releasing your pain, greatest moments, and joys in a journal. Keep your journal in a space where it can be kept away from other’s.

Protect your peace. Journaling takes so much stress off your shoulders while you’re adulting paying bills and raising kids or in pursuit of a career.

Some days I wake up and my days consist of sunshine and picnics; I write. The days when things go bad, I write. It clears my mind and heart and I think it can do the same for you. Journaling is an exploration through time and growth. It is a written progression of highs and lows of who you were and are.

Journaling brings forth a more focused you as you recollect and record through expressive language. You can pen your dreams and ambitions then begin to hone your skills to achieve it. It can boost your awareness and can better control you and those emotions. I love journaling!

Also, journal shopping is fun! You can go to Barnes & Noble for the fancy ones or Walmart for one just as cute. Listen, just think about it. Give it a try.

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