Men Give Women Dating Advice: Red Table Talk Edition


Writer: Jasmine U. Jackson

Photo credit: @Jopwell

Red Table Talk hit the Facebook market like a whirlwind as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones dish heartfelt topics and conversations with celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Ayesha Curry, and Jordyn Woods. Facebook shows come with the infamous Facebook group to share in all the social networking possible, right? In this case, I decided to investigate some of the juicy topics and the one that stood out to me was men giving women dating advice.

Here are a few of the good comments made:

  1. We don’t like to argue all the time. When we say something just listen and understand where we’re coming from. We’re not so different.
  2. Only date men who have learned how to love, understand their role as a man. Over 60% of men in our society have been taught to lord over women, not love them. Know that they act as representative of the household and need to identify strength and weaknesses and construct a functioning relationship.
  3. Let him know what you want upfront. If it’s marriage, say it. If he’s afraid of what you want then he’s not for you and not in the same headspace as you. Move on or you’ll waste your time.
  4. We [men] don’t change much. What he is while dating will be 90% of what he’ll be when you marry. If he’s a ho now… (Hands up emoji).
  5. Shoot your shot. He may not know you’re available to date.
  6. You teach people how to treat you, so don’t be angry with them when they show what you taught them.

There are always a few losers:

  1. Be quiet and listen sometimes. It’s not always about you.
  2. Don’t make men feel bad because men want sex all the time especially if it’s only with you because he could be cheating.

It seems that the male species isn’t a complete loss. These guys were able to give sound advice that some women actually need to here. This platform isn’t always the best place for great advice but this post was refreshing because this is exactly how men feel about dating. We have one choice and that’s to respect it.


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