Milfin’ It, Milkin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: Christmas Shopping

Milfin' it, Milkin' it, Mommyin' it: Christmas Shopping

Moms, of course we are always milfin’ it, milkin’ it, and mommyin’ it but now Christmas is a few months away and its time to Christmas shop. 

It’s only September, but mommy’s who are preparing to wow their little babies for the Christmas holiday know it’s time to make a move. As a mother who is an educator and writer, finances can often be tight. Layaway options are starting to peak and mom’s take advantage.

Layaway gives parents an option to be superheroes for our children during the holiday season. Now, if you’re sincerely having monetary issues and circumstances that prevent purchasing things for your holiday season do not fret. Here’s a link for outside assistance. Moms have to stick together and give resources as we have them. 

Christmas 2017 Wrap UP

Layaway is an option for parents who do not wish to spend a big chunk of their budget immediately, but over time. Purchase clothes, books, and educational toys and not have to waste any time shopping on Christmas Eve. There are a list of different stores that will make layaway available immediately: Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Burlington Coat Factory, and Marshall’s. These stores are inexpensive, but can add up after shopping for a while. Don’t get overboard. I plan to head to Walmart and Burlington to start for Baby J.  

Capitalize on all sales and make sure that you buy BLACK if you can find layaway. If there’s no layaway try to purchase the rest of the items you want from someone black! Whether soaps, clothes, and so much more. As a mother, I make sure that I always have enough to provide for my child but also being able to give her things during a good holiday. Make sure that your babies know the real meaning of the holidays, but have fun! 


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